• Not Exactly Always Hospitable for Non-Liberals: Ex or Liberal Christian Sites and Spiritual or Abuse Survivor Blogs & the Christian Trump-Bashing Infatuation

Not Exactly Always Hospitable for Non-Liberals: Ex or Liberal Christian Sites and Spiritual or Abuse Survivor Blogs & the Christian Trump-Bashing Infatuation 

I’ve been center of right, politically, since I was a kid.

I don’t know where I currently stand in regards to the Christian faith.

However, I still adhere to traditional values, which are pretty much in line with a conservative Christian understanding of the Bible.

Though I find myself somewhat more and more of a libertarian in outlook as I grow older, meaning, hey, I don’t agree with your lifestyle choices, but if you’re an adult, and it’s not hurting me or John Doe, I don’t really care what you do in your personal life.

I did not vote for anyone in the 2016 U.S. Presidential elections because I disliked all candidates.

However, I don’t care who YOU voted for, or if, like me, you sat that one out and did not cast a ballot at all.

I understand my Democrat friends who voted for Hillary and why. I understand my Democrat friends who hated Hillary so they were vying for Sanders.

I understand my Republican and conservative friends who loved Trump, or the ones who dislike Trump but hated Hillary more, so they went with Trump.

I also understand the folks who didn’t like either Trump or Hillary, so they went with a third party guy.

I am okay with any all all those above scenarios. I don’t get angry, offended, and upset by people, whether Christian or not, if they voted for Hillary, Trump, a third party candidate, or if they wrote “Mickey Mouse” on their ballot.

A lot of people had good reasons for why they voted as they did. Nobody, or I would suspect, hardly anyone, is a monster, rube, sexist, racist, or idiot just because they voted for one candidate or another, or did not vote at all.

It was a difficult election for just about every one, regardless of political stance.

That should give you an idea of where I am coming from.


In the last 3 to 4 years, I have participated on spiritual abuse blogs, and have lurked at Christian gender egalitarian forums, blogs, groups, and I have followed Christian gender egalitarians (or mutualists) on social media.

Can I just say as someone who is right of center, who holds to traditional values, I sometimes find such persons, groups, blogs, or Twitter accounts a little oppressive, myopic, or unfair?

Further, some of the Christians I began following over various social media of mine in the last two years, (in order to view their critiques of Christian gender complementarianism, church abuse, and other non-political topics), have, ever since Trump won and took office in January 2017, turned their social media accounts, blogs, or Facebook groups, into non-stop political pontificating platforms.

And they are, without exception, anti-Trump, anti-Republican, anti-traditional morality in tone or flavor. This is possibly not necessarily true of the blog or group owners themselves in all cases, but the majority of commentators who leave remarks in the groups or blogs do lean left.

You may be able to imagine what effect this has on people who either voted for Trump, are conservative, or who don’t agree with liberal “Social Justice Warrior” values.

It is chilling and stifling, and above all, mind-numbing.

I don’t feel as comfortable participating on groups, forums, or blogs where people of my political or values system will be shouted down, shamed, scolded, or become the recipients of negative labels.

It should occur to the people who are behind the blogs, facebook groups, or twitter accounts, that some of the people who have been spiritually abused, hurt, neglected, or mistreated by churches or by Christians, who could use some emotional support, are right wingers.

Not all of your readership is going to consist of SJW, Bernie Sanders- or Hillary Clinton- supporting, pro-choice, pro-LGBT, anti -Trump liberals.

You have conservatives who have been hurt by pastors, certain doctrines, or churches who could also use a hand up, but no (or little) concern is shown for those in this group.

Care is taken to either dance around the sensitivities of wounded liberals on such sites, or they are openly pandered to (and sometimes, at the expense of conservatives or conservative beliefs).

I have several social media accounts where I have followed or friended all kinds of people, some of whom are Christians who post information about gender complementarianism and spiritual abuse.

I have had to put on mute, or un-follow, some of those accounts.
I have done so because they went from being solid resources for non-political content I am interested in, and just fine folks to chat with, to being non-stop political machines who use their group, blog, or twitter to criticize Trump, Republicans, conservatives, or Christians who voted for Trump, at every turn.

In some cases, as I said, it’s not so much the group or blog master who presents an issue in this area so much as it is their readership is largely comprised of liberals who cannot either openly or covertly (depending on the culture of the group) resist from taking pot-shots at Trump or conservatives.

There is at least one blog I can think of where some of its core membership regularly post very indirect, vague, or sweetly-worded pot-shots at Trump, or who take pot-shots at people who do not support liberal or Democratic policies, or who slam people who do not support open-scale Islamic immigration, and such topics.

Some times these put-downs of conservatives on these spiritual abuse survivor groups or blogs come out of left field, in a thread discussion that has nothing to do with politics – at least one member fairly routinely works in slams and insults of Trump or conservatives, but does so in a very “beat around the bush” sort of way, which is nasty of her.

But she often depicts herself as a lovely, caring, sweet person on said blog. I don’t think she’s quite as truly sweet as she presents herself as.


I may in the future create a separate post where I discuss the link between Islam and sexism, but this is not one subject I care to get into a lot in this post.

All I will say for now is the following:

Yes, sexism in fact exists in and is practiced by some of the people of the Islamic faith both in the United States and in other nations, and some Muslims do in fact use their religious beliefs to justify the sexism.

The same problems with sexism in Christianity under Gender Complementarian teachings (which I have blogged about here, among other posts) which is roundly acknowledged by the same Islamic apologists at these other blogs is the same, or in some cases, worse, in Islam under Sharia, and in some of Islam’s religious texts and teachings of their Imams.

To deny this, or downplay it, is the height of intellectual dishonesty and pure hypocrisy.

I do not condone or make excuses for sexism, or for any religion or religious thought that perpetuates sexism, or violence against girls and women, whether it is in Christianity or in Islam, and hell yes, it is most certainly present in Islam.

I have worked with and around a myriad of people over my life, including Muslims and people from the Middle East, but me having known a few Muslims doesn’t change the fact that some Muslims practice sexism against women, or are apathetic of other Muslims who are sexist, and some use their religious training as a grounds to do so.

One cannot be expected to be taken seriously as being in opposition to sexism and violence against women, when one feigns shocked sentiments or ignorance that sexism and violence against women is indeed an issue in Islam (it is not a myth or figment of my imagination), or that any Muslim any where is, can be, or has been, sexist against women at any time.

If one tries mentioning any of this at some Ex Christian, Liberal Christian, or spiritual abuse sites, one will be shouted down by folks who adhere to double standards: they will point to the sexist sins of white, Republican, Christian males all day long, but they suddenly turn deaf-mute or go into Denial Mode when cases and examples of sexism against girls and women by Muslims is brought up.

Do you think I (or other non-conformists) feel comfortable engaging in such environments, where I am out-numbered, and whose members are in some kind of cognitive dissonance over Islamic sexism, and other topics? I do not.


Over the last few years, I have moved to being fairly agnostic about the age of the earth and evolution topics.

I am, however, turned off by how often some of these spiritual abuse groups “bash” people who adhere to YEC views. YEC adherents are quite often dismissed as being  yokels.

Further, even though creationist Ken Ham has plainly stated that belief in YEC is not necessary to “be saved,” some of these anti-YEC blogs and groups continue to insist he teaches as such.

I am skeptical of naturalism*, of scientific claims and findings. I don’t always automatically buy into an idea just because some scientist somewhere says so.

I’m skeptical of all sides on that debate (evolution, age of the earth, and so on) and really, at times, tire of the hubris or mindset of absolute certainty that the pro-Evolution and pro-Old Age of Earth types bring to the table.

*Naturalism (more):

a philosophical viewpoint according to which everything arises from natural properties and causes, and supernatural or spiritual explanations are excluded or discounted.

I think there is something to the Ken Ham-ish argument that once you insist Genesis (or its Creation account) is all symbolic or allegorical, it calls into question the rest of the Bible and how to read it.

One will have to wonder if Moses was really and truly a historical figure, if he, via God, really parted the Red Sea, or is all that just a literary device to convey some neat-o idea about faith?

Is Jesus Christ real? Did Jesus really raise a dead girl to life and heal lepers? Did Jesus literally, truly walk on water? Did he actually arise from the dead?

Well, maybe not, if we’re going to start chalking up parts of the Bible as being symbolic. And who gets to determine what parts are symbolic, and why should I take his or her word for it?

If it’s all just a literary device, and the Bible is just a big book of fairy tale stories meant to make a larger point about life, why would I want to read it, follow it, study, or believe in it?

Why would I want to follow a God who did not, or who does not, at least at one point, actually intervene in human affairs to speak to us or to help us out?

At any rate, even if one is not a YEC, but one is also not an un-critical supporter of scientific naturalism and any and all things in regards to evolution, one won’t feel too welcome on certain blogs at times.

I think that the liberal readership of such groups and sites is coddled both by the site masters, and the general culture of the comments section also promotes such coddling.

My take-away is that the feelings and considerations of right wing Christians (who may or may not …  be YEC, Trump voters, or may be opposed to open scale Islamic refugee acceptance, Christian bakers being forced or harassed to bake cakes for homosexual weddings, etc) do not matter.

I don’t know how any person or group can claim to care about victims and the hurting, but then facilitate a culture that alienates conservatives who have been hurt by pastors, churches, or doctrines.

You may even be a liberal who agrees with some of what I’ve said in this post.

I do have left wing friends on other sites who have contacted me privately at times before to tell me they feel their fellow liberal friends are totally nuts and “off their rockers” about Trump and are shocked or turned off to see how other liberals are behaving.

Concerning Ex-Christian, liberal- Christian- dominated, or spiritual abuse sites:

I am tired of either the social media account holders, or the readership on their groups and blogs, or the blog and site masters themselves, constantly slamming Trump, posting anti-Trump critical news or editorials, or bashing anyone who voted for him, or in general, dismissing conservatives or conservative views.

I have started to visit some of these blogs, groups, and sites less often, because of all this, and because the continual whining, temper tantrums, and complaining about Trump, or about those who voted for Trump, have gone over-board.

I can overlook the once or twice a day anti-Trump rant, by the way. I am speaking of certain gender egalitarian or spiritual abuse tweeters or facebookers or bloggers who make it a point to Tweet anti-Trump commentary or links about 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

To those guys, I plead: please give it a rest. We get you dislike Trump; it’s not necessary to advertise it constantly. Some of us who read your sites, Tweets or blogs may have voted for Trump, or we’re turned off by the constant Trump bashing, even if we did not vote for him.

Some of these groups, Twitter accounts, or blogs are just not entirely, consistently, open or friendly for conservatives, or others who don’t walk in lock-step with any and all liberal social justice warrior view points.

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13 thoughts on “• Not Exactly Always Hospitable for Non-Liberals: Ex or Liberal Christian Sites and Spiritual or Abuse Survivor Blogs & the Christian Trump-Bashing Infatuation

  1. I find that actual churches are not exactly hospitable environments for the more liberal individuals in society, where I often find myself at odds with the rules because I fall into something of a grey zone and can’t really coexist with my spiritually opposite brothers and sisters who have this “my way or the highway, see yourself out” attitude. At least, on cyberspace, there are various corners were each side reigns however slightly. There are plenty of blogs out there that are downright hostile to liberals to the point where you know you can’t say anything at all because it won’t do any good. So where does that leave me?

    • @ Jamie Carter.
      Most of the Facebook groups, forums, and blogs I visit (whether to post or lurk) that pertain to gender egalitarianism, critiquing Christianity, or highlighting spiritual abuse, generally run left- of- center and are not friendly to right-wingers such as myself so your experience runs totally counter to mine.

      Either the site owners or the commentators at the blogs and groups I visit are heavily left wing, and I find myself censoring my own views so as not to inadvertently start fights on these other sites, or the commentators at the sites are largely liberal.

      I am genuinely mystified you’re not finding any Christian- related sites that are friendly to liberals, because I cannot swing a cat around by the tail without running into any.

      I am speaking more of informal blogs, your “Mom and Pop” blogs such as mine – I am not referring to monoliths such as “The Gospel Coalition” or “Desiring God.”

      I’m sorry you have not found an online home, but neither have I.

      Maybe you could pass along the names of the groups or blogs you know of that are right of center so I can see if I’d like them.

      If you’re looking for left leaning sites, or ones that are populated by liberal commentators, you should totally try hanging out at Facebook Group “Stuff Christian Culture Likes” or Sojourner’s (Sojourner’s has a Facebook group or page, a Twitter account, etc, and you can meet people through those, I would presume).

      I don’t know how active her blog is these days, but a lot of left wing people like to post to Rachel Held Evan’s blog. You may want to give her site a try.

      Months ago, I read a post by a guy at the Internet Monk site who is a conservative who got fed up with how the conservative churches integrate right wing politics into church services, so he went church shopping, landed in a liberal church, and found that the liberal churches are just as bad, but they just take the opposite positions on politics and social issues.

      And (he said) the liberal church(es) he went to were just as harsh on the members who did not conform to whatever the accepted political views were. You were definitely frowned on in the church(es) he went to, he said, if you didn’t support abortion, vote Democrat, etc.

      • You might like my friends at the Head Covering Movement, they believe in a literal interpretation of 1 Corinthians 11’s first half of verses which means that they would prefer that all women wear head coverings to church as a symbol of their husband’s authority over them. I don’t think you can get more complementarian than that. I generally avoid Facebook for the most part.

    • @ Jamie Carter, you said,

      You might like my friends at the Head Covering Movement, they believe in a literal interpretation of 1 Corinthians 11’s first half of verses which means that they would prefer that all women wear head coverings to church as a symbol of their husband’s authority over them. I don’t think you can get more complementarian than that. I generally avoid Facebook for the most part.

      I am not a complementarian.

      As a matter of fact, approximately half my blog’s content currently consists of essays by me refuting complementarianism and explaining how sexist and damaging it is to women, so I don’t know why you are suggesting I would want to visit a complementarian site?

      I’m a moderate right winger, not a far right, right winger who subscribes to traditional gender roles as taught by Christian complementarians.

      Here is one of several posts I’ve written about my issues with complementarianism on my blog:
      Even Warm and Fuzzy, True, Correctly-Implemented Gender Complementarianism is Harmful to Women, and It’s Still Sexism – Yes All Comps (Refuting “Not All Comps”)

      • I never really had the gift of picking out things for other people that they just always seem to like. Perhaps none of us really do; and we can’t always be certain that every stranger that happens across our material will like the same stuff that we do.

  2. I am right with you on this.

    A few years ago, I have left the party I was formerly with for many years because of major problems I saw in it, but I see as many problems on the other side, and so have decided to remain independent. Like you, I didn’t vote for either of the major candidates in the last presidential election.

    There are people who have some great points on social media, but they fill up their feeds with bashing of “the other side”, and I end up unfollowing them. This is true for people on both sides. None of them are evil or terrible people, but they lose my respect for the kinds of bashing they engage in. There’s one person in particular that has some amazing things to say, but the constant and unending bashing of political figures was exhausting and really dishonest in many ways, and I didn’t want to listen to them anymore. I wish they would just stop it.

    • @Ishy
      I was a Republican for a long time. I guess I’d say I’m an Independent now. I don’t know if I’ll go back to the Republican Party ever again or not.

      I had to put on mute, or un-follow about four people on the few different accounts I have.

      It was a shame, because those people or their accounts used to be good resources for critiques of complementarianism, but some of them either morphed into all-day “I Hate Trump” accounts or strongly pro-LGBT type megaphones.

      I honestly do not mind the occasional “I Hate Trump,” “Conservatives are Rubes” or “LGBT is Biblical and Really Great” content, but some of these people, that is like 99% of what they post on social media 100% of the day, and it was too much for me.

      On my different social media, I will share or Retweet things that are related to subjects I’m interested in that may be critical of one party or the other….

      For example, if I see a news story on Twitter about an American Senator or Congressman who has been caught pressuring an intern for an affair or whatever, I will re-Tweet that story regardless if the person is a Republican or Democrat because I can’t stand sexism.

      I myself will retweet or share stuff online that may be critical or left wing (or right wing) views or persons, but I don’t think I do it all day, every day.

      Twitter can be an annoyance with this sort of thing, but I think I may be slightly more concerned or troubled with the spiritual abuse / survivor blogs I used to visit a lot who have shifted fairly left in the last year or two.

      (this post has been edited to fix typing errors)

  3. What makes no sense is they ignore Hillary’s pro active treatment of her husbands predation victims. She assembled a team to ruin them and marginalize them for daring to speak out. That is a feminist? That is egalitarian? Worse, they did not believe Juanita Broderick his early on (when he was AG of Arkansas) rape victim. She was intimidated to speak out. It took her years to do so and she was horribly marginalized.

    These are people who care more about victims than politics?

    • @ Lydia.
      I’m glad you saw my post!

      I agree with you about how the left behaves in regards to Bill Clinton’s history of sexual assault.

      I’ve also seen for years now how some liberals will do things such as make the most horrid racist comments against black people who are Republicans (they often get referred to by white Democrats as being “Uncle Toms” and so on)-

      And back when Palin was running for office, Democrats (some were liberal celebrities) came out of the word work to do things like make rape jokes about her.
      Sandra Bernhard (comic) issues ‘gang rape’ warning to Sarah Palin – 2008

      One guy made an effigy of Palin back then and hanged it in his front yard.

      I don’t excuse sexism on those occasions I see it from the right wing, but I cannot comprehend how liberals or Democrats, who claim to be about tolerance, understanding, and opposed to sexism and racism, turn around and say the most vile things about (usually conservative) women or about (conservative) black people.

      I think there is maybe a need for a right of center (or centrist) version of some of the survivor blogs you and I sometimes visit.

      At least maybe this one post can be a reprieve for anyone who finds it who wants to vent, if they find it. I don’t know if or when I will ever link to it from certain blogs, ahem.

      And I don’t hate those blogs. I think most of what they do is good, and I appreciate they allow me to post on them, but the climate sometimes doesn’t seem too welcoming towards people who are not liberal SJWs who want to post Trump Hate Porn all day.

      (I have edited my own post here a few times to add a link, fix typing mistakes, etc)

  4. I am more of a libertarian but not with a capital L as in member of the party. Someone asked me why the other day and it’s because of the history of it my state. We had a lovable big bear of a guy who always ran for various offices on the Libertarian ticket. This goes back 25 years or so. He always received a lot of media coverage as he was funny and lovable. His ONLY platform was legalizing marijuana :). So that ticket became known as the Pot Party here. To this day, aging hippies with grey pony tails hang outside the DMV collecting signatures to legalize pot. While that is an interesting issue it’s not a hill to die on for me. Government control of my life and choices are my big concerns. I am rereading John Locke who influenced the Founders. I need the refresher. :o)

  5. I prefer balance at the very least. Not shame censoring from either side. But the imbalance is out of control. Now the game is gotcha and oneupmanship on who is worse as an individual. No one is winning that argument. 🙂

    I prefer discussing issues over party or personalities, etc. sigh. It’s hard to find that these days. Anywhere. It’s all cult of personality now.

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