• The Left Should Just Admit it: Victims Aren’t Always Good People by Deborah Orr

The Left Should Just Admit it: Victims Aren’t Always Good People by Deborah Orr

I just saw this editorial last night, right after publishing two posts on this blog about victims, victim-blaming, etc. The timing is rather funny. I don’t know if I agree with all of it, but there’s a lot of truth in it.

This comes from a UK paper called The Guardian, which is a left wing publication:

The Left Should Just Admit it: Victims aren’t always Good People by Deborah Orr

Liberals appear naive when they claim all food bank users are ‘deserving’. The real scandal is that this safety net has to exist at all

Here are some snippets from the editorial:

[Some people are in genuine need, or in assistance of, things such as food stamps or food banks, through no fault of their own. Some of these people might be able to pin point when and how their lives fell apart, causing them to have to seek government assistance or some kind of welfare.]

…But guess what? Others [i.e., people who are on welfare, food stamps, and / or who claim victim status] would be without insight, oblivious or indifferent to the damage and neglect they have meted out to themselves and those who tried to help them – psychopathic, sociopathic, narcissistic.

Human beings, despite the witless homilies of humanism, don’t all start out good and kind and perfect, only to have it driven out of them by a cruel world.

Cherished children sometimes grow up to be antisocial, gazing with dead-eyed contempt at the people whose love they exploit. There can be no human utopia, because there will always be humans in it.

….But here’s the point. Even if humans could create a world in which everyone had the free will to make their own choices – instead of this one, in which we pretend there’s free will and condemn people for failing to exercise it wisely – some people would still be the architects of their own misfortune or the misfortune of others.

Which is not to say that the aim should not be making a freer, more fair world than this one.

It’s just to say that such improvements absolutely will not be achieved through binary arguments that predicate themselves on whether the poor are deserving or not.

Victims are not always good. Messed-up people are not always good. Sometimes they’re blissfully unaware that they’re messed-up people.

Do people ever think they’re clever because they’ve got a nice wee skunk-dealing business going but they still get food from the do-gooder suckers at the food bank? Of course. Privileged or socially excluded, some people are gits. The left just looks naive and childish when it asserts otherwise.

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One thought on “• The Left Should Just Admit it: Victims Aren’t Always Good People by Deborah Orr

  1. The worst part about victimology is that real victims get lumped in with users, political agendas, etc. I really worry about those folks. They are usually the ones who hate being a victim and are not demanding.

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