• Century-old Japanese martial arts book reveals the moves women can use to fight off male attackers

Century-old Japanese martial arts book reveals the moves women can use to fight off male attackers

June 2017

A Japanese martial arts book written more than 100 years ago has revealed the moves women once used to fight off attacks by men.

The text details a number of martial arts moves that women can use for self defence, including throws, a kicking technique and a way to break an attacker’s arm.

Published in 1914, the book’s female author also describes a group of Japanese females who came together to form a Women’s Self-Defence League.

The book contains a detailed diagram showing the ‘weak spots’ on a man, which are known as Kyusho.

‘Kyusho are points on the body that can cause damage if struck hard, or they can be used to resuscitate a person,’ the book reads, according to Live Science.

…The martial arts moves detailed in the text come from a style of fighting called Jujutsu.

‘The fundamentals of Jujutsu is to use the opponent’s power,’ Showa writes.

[From the book]: ‘Some men feel no qualms about affecting disrespectful conduct around us.

‘A resolute solution to men’s debauchery continues to elude us.’

The Women’s Self-Defence League trained women to fight off attacks from men and awarded women who had used moves to defend themselves from an assault.

You can read the rest here.

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