• A Critique of the Seneca Griggs Blog ‘Wartburg Whiners’ (Part 2)

A Critique of the Seneca Griggs Blog ‘Wartburg Whiners’ (Part 2)

Part One 

I never meant for this to be a series of posts. I initially wanted to make a single post critiquing one Griggs did in regards to TWW’s post about pastor Todd Wagner’s teaching about working mothers. But here we are at Part 2.

Seneca Griggs, also known as James Brown or Megs48 or Buzz English, is proprietor of the horribly named and horrible blog Wartburg Whiners, where he criticizes TWW (The Wartburg Watch) blog, its owners Deb and Dee, and their commentators (which has included me) and anyone who is less than thrilled over any and all doctrines or practices of conservative evangelicalism.

In Griggs’ world, you are to be a mindless automaton who unquestioningly goes along with any false doctrine, or dishonest or perverted pastor, and must attend a church, no matter how spiritually, financially, or sexually abusive its members are to you.

In the purview of Griggs, criticism or questioning of any church or pastor or conservative doctrine is verboten. If you dare to question or criticize as such, you are automatically assumed to be a feminist or a liberal.

Jesus Christ Commits a Big Seneca Griggs No-No

Jesus, who I take it Griggs would claim to respect, would be in for a scolding by Griggs, because Jesus is fine with criticizing the church.

See, for instance, how Jesus criticizes various churches:

Revelation 2

Here are some excerpts from Rev. 2, where Jesus is doing what Seneca Griggs believes nobody should do: criticize any church ever!

Look at how Jesus of Nazaretah violates Griggs’ beliefs (Jesus must have been a liberal feminist who didn’t take the Bible seriously, oh noes!)

Jesus Christ speaking in the book of Revelation:

“To the angel of the church in Ephesus write:

These are the words of him who holds the seven stars in his right hand and walks among the seven golden lampstands.

…Yet I hold this against you: You have forsaken the love you had at first.5 Consider how far you have fallen! Repent and do the things you did at first. If you do not repent, I will come to you and remove your lampstand from its place

…“To the angel of the church in Pergamum write:

… I have a few things against you: There are some among you who hold to the teaching of Balaam,who taught Balak to entice the Israelites to sin so that they ate food sacrificed to idols and committed sexual immorality. 15 Likewise, you also have those who hold to the teaching of the Nicolaitans. 16 Repent therefore!

(end quotes)

And it goes on like that, with Jesus calling out the shortcomings of his bride, the church.

Look at that, Jesus doing what Deb and Dee do at TWW, but Griggs disapproves. How dare Jesus criticize any church!

In order for the next paragraph to work, I implore you to please watch this Nutty Professor clip on You Tube – Buddy’s Big Apology – then resume reading this post.

Imagine me saying this paragraph below in Eddie Murphy’s Buddy apology voice:

Oh Jesus, how could you? Don’t you know if you ever criticize any church ever for any reason, it means you hate all conservative evangelical churches, says Seneca Griggs?? Why do you hate the conservative evangelical church, Jesus, why? WHY? WHYYYYY? Whyyyyy?

Secular Vs Church Handling of Child Abuse Cases 

One of the main purposes of TWW blog is to highlight how terrible churches are at dealing with child molesters in their midsts.

Griggs feels that pointing out that sexual abuse of children takes place in secular organizations somehow weakens the TWW cause. It does not.

Here, for example, is an August 2017 post Griggs published:

The Evangelical Church can’t hold a candle to the secular world for sexual abuse

Pay attention Deebs

[link to news article about child abuse in secular organization]

(end quote)

I don’t think Deb and Dee visit his blog that often. Putting that aside.

Pointing out that child molesting occurs in secular venues in no way changes the fact that it also happens in churches – and that sometimes, secular organizations are usually superior at handling child molesting cases more so than churches are.

As a matter of fact, one of the recurring themes on TWW blog is to mention how churches could learn a thing or two from secular groups, because secular entities (not always, but often) handle child abuse cases properly.

So, no, the Deebs don’t need to “pay attention,” Griggs – you’re preaching to the choir.

The Deebs are already aware that child abuse happens in secular places, but the point of their blog is not to track child abuse in general, but in churches specifically.

Why, Griggs, would it piss you off that the Deebs devote a lot of their attention to blowing the lid off child abuses in churches and its cover-ups by churches?

What kind of Bah- Hum- Bug Grinch of a Scrooge begrudges Christian blog owners for trying to make churches safe places for children or for women who may be in abusive marriages?

Deb and Dee are only doing what the Bible says they’re to be doing – policing their own (see 1 Cor 5 and Matt 7:3-5 in that Bible you claim to believe in).

The fact that churches continue to mishandle pedophilia (and other forms of abuse or mistreatment of people) is bringing disrepute to the name of God and turns people off to Christianity and from going to a local church.

(For more on that, see Romans 2:24 – oh, I’m sorry. Griggs must be a liberal feminist who has never read the book of Romans before.)

Church should be a safe place for children or for anyone to attend. Churches should be at the forefront at a zero tolerance policy for abuse. Churches should not be lagging behind to the secular world in how to properly deal with abuse victims, but they are!

Churches should not be coddling abusers and mistreating victims, which they often do – and they do so often by hiding behind shoddy theology where they “sin level” and excuse abuse by saying, “We’re all sinners, God’s grace covers all.”

Even pedophiles know, thanks to ignorant and naive jokes such as Griggs who populate churches, that churches are EASY places to get targets. Pedophiles love churches! See:

Predators Among Us – interview with Anna Salter

Snippets from the transcript:

Pierre: Something that is heartbreaking in your book is that apparently those kind of individuals target, above all they target the most empathetic ones, the most caring ones.

One of your interviewee says “‘The reason I can be so successful’ an inmate tells me ‘is I find people who really care about other people'”.

Dr Salter: Oh, that’s pretty common. I have had offenders tell me that they love churches because people are more gullible in churches, that they look for the best in everyone.

…They prey on the fact that many people are trusting, that they do look for the best in people, that they don’t consider the worst in people. And those are natural victims for them. Most of them are not actually looking for a challenge, they’re looking for the easiest victim.

(end quotes)

What Non-Christians Say About The Church, By Way of News Reports of Abuse

I see atheists – who identify as atheists – in the comments sections under news reports about churches who victim-blame abuse targets and who don’t turn abusers over to the authorities say things such as,

“See, this is one reason why I cannot believe in God or Christianity. And Christians say belief in a deity is necessary to be moral? Please. They are hypocrites. They don’t care about victims.”

Secularists will often immediately report a child molester in their vicinity to the police, which is the correct course of action, where-as, most churches will neglect to call the police about it, but will insist on evil, stupid actions, such as, that the victim asks the aggressor for forgiveness and then the church sweeps the entire matter under the rug. The abuser faces no consequences.

Seriously, churches actually carry out this evil, perverse garbage where victims are blamed and abusers get off scot-free. This is not a rare thing, but the norm.

Example of this sort of church behavior (this sounds more like something out of Islam, where rape victims are blamed and “honor killed” for having been raped):

Teen Allegedly Raped, Forced to Apologize For Pregnancy Before Her Church

Jury selection is scheduled to begin Monday in the case of a 15-year-old girl who prosecutors say was raped by a fellow church member and forced to stand before the congregation to apologize for getting pregnant.

Ernest Willis is charged with forcibly raping Christina Anderson twice during the summer of 1997, when she was his children’s baby sitter and he was 39.

(end quotes)

The other sick part of this story is a warped person such as Griggs would agree with the evil sexism of this church and chide anyone for not wanting to attend that perverted church.

That same story was blogged about on an Atheist blog here, and you can read the comments under it to see how various atheists reacted to how this church (mis) handled this girl’s rape.

And Griggs, it should indeed matter to you how such stories are perceived by atheists and other Non-Christians.

If you really want to see how atheists feel about Christians and how Christians handle abuse cases, go to almost any report involving Christians or churches on the left wing site Raw Story, and go to the comment section and lurk for a good, long while.

Griggs Lives in a Bubble

One problem is that some people, like Griggs, never leaves his bubble.

I’ve seen the same problem with liberals – they generally stick to only left wing sites – but my impression of Griggs is that he seldom or never lurks at sites for and by atheists or liberals.

My impression is that Griggs may visit some main stream news sites, probably a lot of right wing sites, and the occasional spiritual abuse site, such as TWW, but that’s about it.

If Griggs would spend a lot of time lurking at such sites – liberal and atheist sites – and read their unvarnished opinions of the church (which may involve a lot of vulgar and obscene language, be forewarned), it would be eye-opening and educational to him.

When I say lurk at those sites, I mean just that – lurk. Don’t get into arguments with people there. Don’t walk into their blog page with a chip on your shoulder.

Spend a lot of time on such sites. Don’t just drop to the comments section of one page, skim a bit, leave, and that’s it.

No, I mean make it a goal to spend a few weeks regularly visiting and reading many, many comments by left wingers and atheists.

Go in with the attitude of learning about them, why they feel what they do, and just to see how they perceive Christians, God, the Bible, churches, and so on.

I started doing that myself a few years ago, and based on what I saw, Deb and Dee’s blog would do more to attract those atheists to Christianity than Griggs’ “Whiners” blog ever would.

Sweeping the matter under the rug – and something as so heinous and terrible as child molesting – is not justice, and coddling a pedophile in the church is in violation of 1 Corinthians 5: 11.

I guess Griggs is a liberal feminist who doesn’t take the Bible seriously. (*insert sad face emoji here*)

Since when it is an evil to want to defend children, Griggs? Didn’t your Savior have some strong words – something about millstones – in regards to people who hurt children?

How can anyone object to a group of people, such as the people at TWW (and similar sites) who are telling churches to stop pointing to the specks in other people’s eyes, or to the specks in the eyes of liberals, atheists, and outsiders, when these churches are not removing the logs from their own eyes?

(Really, the Bible calls Christians to police their own first and foremost, not spend all day obsessing about, or pointing out the flaws, in liberals, in feminists, in a fallen culture, in democrats, or in social justice warriors.

Keep reading this post (or possibly a Part 3 – this post is getting long), because Bible verse citations follow below to bolster some of these points, if that’s your thing, and I can assure you I am a right winger.

I’ve never been a feminist or liberal in my life, but the older I get, I realize it is futile for Christians to keep pointing the finger of blame outward and to circle the wagon ’round their own all the time.)

To be continued in a Part 3.

It looks like I have enough material for a Part 4. I may have to go to a Part 5. LOL.

Part One 

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One thought on “• A Critique of the Seneca Griggs Blog ‘Wartburg Whiners’ (Part 2)

  1. What ticks me further off about the man, is he refuses to acknowledge often theses cases of church child sexual abuse,abuse, happened under the noses ( control ) of men! And they did nothing, men tried to hide it.
    We’re it not for uppity, usurping females these cases would still be unknown. How can any man justify sweeping child abuse under the rug because it occurred in male dominated churches. So much for, ” suffer the little children….”
    He refuses to man up to women and children being abused in so called, godly churches. And for what reason? That’s what I can’t understand either. For what reasons can’t he defend the defenseless?

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