• And Fellow Conservatives Are Supposedly Worried About Lowering Standards to Permit Women In: United States Navy Changes Fitness Rules, Wipes Slate Clean for Nearly 50K Sailors Who Failed Fitness Tests

And Fellow Conservatives Are Supposedly Worried About Lowering Standards to Permit Women In: United States Navy Changes Fitness Rules, Wipes Slate Clean for Nearly 50K Sailors Who Failed Fitness Tests

I am a conservative. Not a liberal. Not a Social Justice Warrior.

Must get that disclaimer out of the way, because other conservatives unfortunately have the tendency to assume that anyone who points out sexism or inconsistencies in the treatment of women must be a liberal feminist.

Every so often I see other conservatives object to women serving in the military, especially in combat positions.

This story caught my eye today:

Navy grants fitness amnesty to 48,000 sailors who failed test

No where in that article does it say that this amnesty applies to women – it seems to apply to men or to both men and women. (I provide quotations from the article farther below).

Objections to women in the military (or other occupations) usually includes the argument about “but I don’t want the standards lowered just to accommodate women!”

It looks to me as though the United States Navy (of which some in my family have served, thank you very much) has lowered the physical standards … for men.

Some of my family have served in the military – Navy, Air Force, Marines – and none of them ever had to carry a man or 200 pounds of equipment, so I get a little tired of conservatives complaining about, “But what will happen if a woman is on the field and can’t carry an injured colleague to safety?”

In all the years my family served, not one of them had to carry 200 pounds of anything or had to carry an injured sailor, marine, or airman to any where.

Can all men easily carry 200 pounds of equipment or easily carry another man? Probably not. Some are probably horribly out of shape.

Not all military positions even involve lugging around heavy junk or carrying injured people around.

So, the USN will change and lower standards to allow male candidates or applicants proceed, but conservatives get in a tizzy if or when the USN or other branches may supposedly lower standards for women candidates.

That’s called a Double Standard.

I hope I don’t see any Special Pleading.

Navy grants fitness amnesty to 48,000 sailors who failed test

By Mark D. Faram

Dec 2017

The Navy will grant a clean slate to nearly 50,000 sailors with fitness failures in their records, part of new shakeup for fleet-wide fitness rules announced Thursday.

A new Navy-wide message instructs commands to immediately stop discharging sailors for fitness failures and to cancel any pending discharges for sailors slated to be kicked out after March 31. The change applies to both enlisted and officers.

The message also unveils a new set of rules for the Physical Fitness Assessment, bringing to an end the rules forcing sailors to leave the Navy if they failed two fitness assessment tests in a three-year period.

The Navy’s Physical Fitness Assessment, or PFA, is a two-part process consisting of a Body Composition Assessment and a Physical Readiness Test. The test grades sailors, based on their age, on push-ups, sit-ups and a 1.5-mile run.
Other major changes will include making sailors take a body fat test immediately after reporting to a new command and also making sailors who fail the fitness test ineligible for advancement or frocking.

The new PFA rules are part of a broader effort to keep more sailors in uniform at a time when the Navy is trying to increase end strength by over 4,100 by the end of the current fiscal year in September 2018.

Navy changes fitness rules, wipes slate clean for nearly 50K sailors who failed tests

By Douglas Ernst – The Washington Times – Friday, December 22, 2017
Sailors who thought their time in the Navy would soon end due to fitness failures were granted a reprieve this week.

Nearly 50,000 sailors who were at risk of being discharged after March 31, 2018, due to physical fitness shortcomings have been given a de facto amnesty. A Navy-wide directive to both enlisted personnel and officers was sent out on Thursday explaining the move.

Vice Adm. Robert P. Burke, the chief of naval personnel, said the new Physical Fitness Assessment rules increase administrative flexibility without putting national security at risk.

“Retention of every capable sailor is critical to the operational readiness of theNavy,” Vice Adm. Burke wrote, Navy Times reported. “The goal of the Navy’s physical readiness program is to maintain a minimum prescribed level of fitness necessary for world-wide deployment and to maintain a sailor’s long-term health and wellness.”

Navy to forgive past fitness test failures, end most fitness discharges


Published: December 22, 2017

The Navy will forgive past fitness test failures for all its sailors in the new year and will end its policy mandating discharges for ones who fail two Physical Fitness Assessments in a three-year period, the service announced Thursday.

The Navy will no longer boot most sailors from the force solely for failing fitness tests, the service said in a Navy-wide message amending its three-year-old fitness regulations.

The changes come as the Navy looks to increase the service by more than 4,000 sailors by the end of fiscal year 2018 on Sept. 30.

Vice Adm. Robert Burke, the chief of naval personal, wrote in a memorandum that the changes were designed to ensure the minimum fitness levels were met across the force, while retaining otherwise qualified sailors to ensure the service grows as ordered by Congress in the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act signed this month by President Donald Trump.

…In 2015, the Navy adjusted its fitness standards, altering its policy at the time from discharging sailors who failed three PFAs in four years to kicking out sailors who failed two in three years.

Senior officials said at the time they hoped the changes would instill a greater culture of fitness in the Navy as the service reduced its force due to budget cuts.

In 2016, the Navy automatically discharged nearly 1,700 sailors for fitness test failures, officials said.

More than 43,000 sailors now have a fitness failure in the past three years on their record, and another nearly 5,500 have two such failures, which will be forgiven, according to Navy data.

Those sailors who had been slated to be discharged for fitness test failures after March 31 will remain in the service, according to Burke’s guidance. Officers who were to be separated from the service before March 1 for such failures can request to remain on active duty, the memo reads.

Enlisted sailors who fail two or more consecutive PFAs will be ineligible for promotion or re-enlistment until they successfully pass a fitness test.

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2 thoughts on “• And Fellow Conservatives Are Supposedly Worried About Lowering Standards to Permit Women In: United States Navy Changes Fitness Rules, Wipes Slate Clean for Nearly 50K Sailors Who Failed Fitness Tests

  1. Many things that we have trusted in the past are being done down for several reasons. Police exams. Some political identity groups are being spotted points in order to pass. The EMT and paramedic tests are being dumb down so that more people can pass because emergency services are becoming desperate. Some political identity groups are being spotted points on SAT and ACT. It’s a very unfair and biased system if people really are serious about equality.

    The problem is nobody publishes/admits this stuff so few people know.

    • I am waiting to see how many conservatives – who usually object to women serving – are going to get in a huff or a tizzy about standards being lowered to incorporate more men. (Probably not many.)

      I’ve had family members on both sides serve in the military (career – decades) and none of them had to do physical feats of strength to do their jobs.

      (Edit. One family member who was in the Navy had to keep his weight down over his duration of his career (it’s a career requirement), which meant lots of jogging (maybe that’s where I get that from – I jog quite a bit myself!) but he didn’t have to do weight lifting and become a karate expert to keep his job.)

      My family members didn’t have to carry around people or heavy equipment (unless they did so during basic or wilderness training, where one of them told me about having to eat tree bark for two weeks to survive).

      But none of them had to lug around heavy stuff that I am aware of.

      Any time I’ve seen people complain about women serving, it’s usually in terms of “but can women carry heavy stuff, do pull-ups, push ups, or pick up an injured colleague.”

      Some women were engaging in combat on supply convoys anyway. I read interviews with them, women Marines, and they talked about being ambushed by bad guys overseas while on a convoy, and they had no choice but to fight back.

      They just did not get as much pay or a chance to progress up the career ladder.
      They were in combat at times but because their job did not fall under the formal heading of “combat,” they were not getting the same pay or promotion opportunities as their male counter-parts who were in officially recognized combat positions.

      Women are forced to serve in the Israeli military. I don’t know why Americans are so skittish about women serving too.

      I would think you’d want as many people serving as you could get, regardless of biological sex.

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