• Tucker Carlson’s Take on the Me Too Movement, Workplace Sexual Harassment, and Interviews with the Psychiatrist and Vegetarian Feminist

Tucker Carlson’s Take on the Me Too Movement, Workplace Sexual Harassment, and Interviews with the Psychiatrist and Vegetarian Feminist

I usually agree with conservative television host Tucker Carlson on most issues, but I don’t share some of his disdain or distrust for all things liberal feminist.

Carlson’s show is aired five days a week, Monday through Friday, on Fox cable network, at 7:00 P.M. central time, which used to be Bill O’Reilly’s time slot, until Fox gave O’Reilly the boot for (–irony— considering what I’m discussing below), numerous sexual harassment allegations against him by women co-workers.

When the “Me Too” movement first hit in October 2017, which was brought about by Farrow’s expose’ on Hillary Clinton and Democratic Party financial backer (and all around gross, disgusting sexist pig) movie producer Harvey Weinstein, Carlson seemed pretty happy to cover Weinstein’s fall.

(I’d like to pause here to say that me, a woman, criticizing a man’s opinions on the topic of sexual harassment does not make me a “misandrist.” I must explain this because there are actually women out there who seem to believe that a woman disagreeing with a man’s opinion about men sexually harassing women qualifies as “misandrist.”)

After the initial fall of Weinstein, though, Carlson has taken a tact on his show of acting as a pearl-clutching concern troll of the “Me Too” sexual harassment Twitter phenomenon.

Almost on a nightly basis, especially if a new celebrity or political figure has been accused of sexual harassment, Carlson now makes it a point to mention it on his show, and he worries, worries, worries, that me- oh- my, has this “Me Too” thing gone too far? Are innocent men being targeted without getting “due process”?

(Due process is for a court of law, largely non-applicable in regards to the court of Public Opinion, and employers all have their own means of investigating and judging if the accused is guilty and, if so, how to meter out recompense.)

I guess once conservatives such as Carlson found the “Me Too” situation stopped being useful for their cause – getting Democratic Party backers into hot water or making Democrats look like hypocrites regarding sexism – and they have seen it’s become non-partisan, in that conservative and Republican men have also been taken to task for sexual impropriety in the workplace – they don’t like it so much any more.

The other night, Carlson interviewed a “vegetarian feminist” on his program. I unfortunately missed most of that interview.  (Or maybe the word is fortunate, because some left and right wingers are saying both Carlson and the feminist guest were acting kooky.)

Left wing site Raw Story carried a video of the Carlson interview with the vegetarian feminist (the video is on the bottom of the page).

Rather than reinvent the wheel, I will copy here below some of the comments I left to other ‘Raw Story’ commentators on that page.

I’m also handling this post in this manner, because at the rate Carlson peddles out anti-feminist or anti-Me Too commentary, I find it difficult or too tiresome to write a proper blog post to critique every thing he says every night.

I do find Carlson’s interview style at times to be off putting, because he doesn’t seem genuinely interested in understanding all his guests (even though he often says he is genuinely interested in understanding their perspective), but he seems more interested in mocking his (liberal) guests on air in order to amuse his conservative audience.

I’m a conservative, but I am honestly willing to hear what other people, including liberals, have to say.

I don’t always (or usually) agree with all Carlson’s guests, but I don’t want to write them all off instantly as being jokes, just because we don’t share the same political outlook or opinions.

Carlson, like some other conservatives and a sprinkling of liberals I’ve seen, have taken it upon themselves the last few weeks to blame the “Me Too” movement for supposedly creating sexism (and sexual harassment), even though it’s a movement that exists to bring attention to (and perhaps curb) sexism (and sexual harassment) in the workplace.

(This is a topic I may blog about separately. It’s absolutely mind boggling and non-sensical that people are blaming a movement that is trying to stop sexual harassment for creating sexual harassment.)

Here are my comments (and other people’s comments) from the page about Carlson’s interview with the vegetarian feminist (one of my comments analyzes Carlson’s interview with a psychiatrist named, I think, “Lieberman,” who was criticizing the ‘Me Too’ trend):

My reply to Christopher J. Wood:

I’m a conservative but disagree with Carlson at times concerning some topics regarding feminism. (I do agree with him on other topics.)

He usually presents a caricature of liberal feminists on his show, which is disappointing.

I agree with a commentator or two below who said Carlson at times is not so interested in having an actual debate with the feminists he has on his program, so much as he is in sort of ridiculing them for his audience.

My reply to KBadger:

KBadger, regarding your comment:

“He’s just reinforcing his audience’s view about those “liberal egghead college professors.”

I agree, and I find it unfortunate that Carlson handles his show in that manner. I normally agree with him on other issues, but every so often, I do not.

I wrote a long comment farther down the page criticizing another segment taken from this same Carlson show, where he interviewed a psychiatrist about the “Me Too” movement.

I’m a conservative, but I do feel at times that Carlson sets up interviews with liberal guests (especially ones regarding feminism) not to truly debate them and understand where they are coming from, but to simply mock them for entertainment purposes.

And I get the feeling Carlson does so because he assumes most of his conservative audience members (such as myself) automatically agree with other conservatives about women’s issues (we do not), or that all of us automatically disagree with or hate everything liberal feminists have to say about everything (we do not).

Carlson does sometimes have liberals on his show who are very weird and act flakey, but not all of them do so, but he sometimes treats even the more normal sounding ones as though they are kooks as well, merely for holding what opinions they hold (even if their opinions are not all that unreasonable).

Here’s a comment by another guy on the page, and I agreed with this:

by paul fredine

i can only guess his [Carlson’s] staff saw feminist’ and ‘vegetarian’ and thought it was a combo that tucker could use to be sarcastic and condescending without reading her work, using only snippets of quotes as ammo to make her look stupid., well, that backfired ‘bigly’.

I also agreed with this:

by Warren Christmas
I haven’t watched Carlson in years … I’m glad she pushed back against his bullying attempts to corner her by being obtuse. He isn’t interested in interviewing her, he wants to push her into a compartment.

Here was my first comment on that page:


Comment by Daisy:

I am a conservative, and I usually agree with Carlson on a lot of subjects, but I am disappointed and mystified on his approach towards sexual harassment in the workplace and his coverage of the “Me Too” twitter phenomenon the last few weeks.

I also disagree with some of Carlson’s views on “Me Too” and sexual harassment.

On tonight’s show (Dec. 22, 2017), Carlson was interviewing a psychiatrist (I think her last name was ‘Lieberman’?) and the title on the bottom of the screen as she was on talking was something to the effect of, “Is The ‘Me Too’ Campaign Creating A Hostile Work Environment?”

I sat there and thought, what on earth? Carlson is getting this completely backwards:
The ‘Me Too’ campaign was started in response to women being sexually harassed by men on the job.

The “Me Too” campaign is a response to hostile work environments, it’s not creating it. Good grief. In this area, Carlson is gas-lighting and victim-blaming.

Carlson’s psychiatrist guest was also concerned about how now, because of “Me Too,” there can be no more “hugging and flirting” in the work place.

I sat there stunned again. When I’m on a job, I care about getting a job done – not hugging co-workers and not flirting. If I want to get dates, I’ll go on a dating site or have friends fix me up.

I can’t believe that Carlson or his guests seemingly want to go back to the status quo, prior to “Me Too,” where men get to harass women on jobs, all so all men (good or bad ones) can feel “safer” and more confident in flirting with lady co-workers again, and the women targets of this behavior (if they find it unwanted behavior) are scared into silence – again.

I do normally agree with Carlson on some other topics, but on sexual harassment and the “Me Too” Twitter situation, I think he’s way off course and is not thinking straight.

How Carlson often manages to view or depict victims, who are speaking out against harassment, as the perpetrators and speak of the perpetrators as being the victims is beyond me.

Carlson did mention on at least two past episodes of his program that a woman falsely accused him of sexual harassment on one job years ago.

I’m sorry if that is the case, but I cannot help but wonder if Carlson is allowing that incident from his own life to negatively impact how he’s choosing to view, or cover, on his show, women’s stories of being sexually harassed by men in the workplace.

I am sure over the coming weeks that Carlson will opine further about “Me Too” and have yet more guests on where he (or they) can actually blame women or secular, liberal feminist for sexism and sexual harassment of women by men.

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