• Devout Christian Man Murders His Wife and Small Daughters

I think this news story exposes a few flaws in conservative Christian teachings, such as, this idea that once married, a woman should submit herself to her husband (as though the husband is in authority over her), and the ‘equally yoked’ teaching, which stipulates that a Christian person should only marry another Christian.

I’m not seeing the point or the benefit in a woman “submitting” to a husband if the husband is violent, or in a Christian woman limiting herself to marriage to only another Christian (which wrongly assumes there are plenty of single, Christian men to date in the first place), when there may be less violent atheist men out there for women to marry.

Christian volunteer charged with killing wife and daughters, 7 and 8

December 23, 2017

A man described as a devout Christian who volunteered at a local church was charged this week with killing his wife and two young daughters after their bodies were found in a home in western Canada.

…Canadian authorities found the bodies Tuesday in Kelowna, British Columbia, and identified the victims as 33-year-old Clara Forman and her daughters, Yesenia, 8, and Karina, 7.

They charged Jacob Forman, 34, with the murders.

He showed no emotion during a brief appearance in court Thursday, Global News reported.

Forman was a plumber, a devout Christian and had a leadership role at his small church, the news outlet reported.

…“They were just very nice people,” a woman who knew the family, Gail Baran, told Global News. “You would never ever think that from that family, they were very down to earth people. He would go to work every day and appeared to be such a gentleman. It’s a shock for all of us here.”

…She wrote on Facebook that she met him 12 years ago, the Columbia Valley Pioneer reported.

“Met in January, started dating in July, engaged Oct. 27 married three weeks later on Nov. 11 at sunset,” she wrote in 2015. “When I married Jacob Forman I left everything I knew to come to Canada and build a life.”


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