• Day In The Life: What It’s Like To Be A Female Pilot At 40,000 Feet by Katherine Love

 Day In The Life: What It’s Like To Be A Female Pilot At 40,000 Feet by Katherine Love

Day In The Life: What It’s Like To Be A Female Pilot At 40,000 Feet by Katherine Love


January 2018

Michelle Knoll likes to think her “office” has the best view in the world.

From her window, she sees the ruins of Rome, or some days, the Northern Lights.

Knoll, 44, is a corporate pilot and her Forbes Global 2000 company’s first female captain. For six years, she has privately flown the company’s executives domestically and internationally to hours- or days-long business meetings.

It takes a certain kind of personality to do Knoll’s job. She has a thick skin (as a woman in a male-dominated industry) and she loves the novelty of constant travel: “The way I’m made, I really crave for things to be different. I like the unfamiliarity. I adapt well to change.”

But women make great pilots, according to Knoll, because women are natural multitaskers. And encouragingly, more scholarships and flight-instruction internships are being offered by groups like Women in Aviation, opening up the field to a wider group of women.

….Knoll grew up in Florida, with her father working on Cape Canaveral’s space programs in the 1950s-60s, but she did not initially feel called to a career in aviation.

Rather, Knoll graduated from UCLA, worked in marketing and design for the Walt Disney Company and did real estate development before considering flying. “What do I really want?” she asked herself at age 35. “I really just want to learn to fly an airplane. I want to have that feeling.”

She started with a flight lesson at a local airport. “Then I took another one, and I just fell in love with it,” she says. She was soon flying for skydivers on the weekends, enrolling in Civil Air Patrol (the U.S. Air Force ’s auxiliary, where she was the only woman in her squadron) and conducting life flights and buoy drops in the Gulf of Mexico for the National Weather Service. …

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