• Posts About Domestic Violence at Cry For Justice Blog in the ‘Don Hennessy Digest’ Series

Posts About Domestic Violence at Cry For Justice Blog in the ‘Don Hennessy Digest’ Series

The Christian blog ‘A Cry For Justice’ began work on a series of posts about domestic violence by author Don Hennessy.

I wish to comment on this material in a future post (that post is now complete and can be found here: ACFJ Blog’s Hennessy Domestic Violence Series: Yes, Codependency Makes An Appearance).

I will be referring to the links below when or if commenting in future posts.

For now, here are links to the content at ACFJ blog:

Don Hennessy Digest – index page with links to the blog series, such as

(Link): 1   Don Hennessy says domestic abusers are like pedophiles – and there’s not much proof they’re redeemable.

(Link): 2   “How He Gets Into Her Head” — an introduction to Don Hennessy’s book

(Link): 3   How the male intimate abuser selects, sets-up & grooms a target woman

(Link): 4   The male domestic abuser is as ‘psychephile’ — a sexual offender

5   Offending and re-grooming: the skills men use to abuse their female partners

6   Re-0ffending: the increasingly dangerous culminating phase in male intimate abuse

7   Society has been hoodwinked by men who abuse their female intimate partners

8   Video interviews of Don Hennessy and two other Irish DV professionals

9   Domestic abuse survivors and two DV professionals speak on Irish Radio

We created this Don Hennessy Digest so you can find all the posts in the series easily.

As each post is published the title above will become a link to that post.

Don Hennessy’s work in the field of domestic abuse spans nearly three decades and at the age of 72 he says, “I continue to work a full week as I know that I enjoy my work.”

As a relationship counselor, Don Hennessy was one of six founders of The Cork Domestic Violence Project which was initiated in 1991 by the Cork Marriage Counseling Centre in Cork, Ireland.

He later became the director of the National Domestic Violence Intervention Agency in Ireland.

(please visit their blog post as linked to above if you wish to read the rest)


ACFJ Blog’s Hennessy Domestic Violence Series: Yes, Codependency Makes An Appearance

The Pets and Women Safety (PAWS) Act – To Make It Easier for Women Domestic Abuse Victims Who Have Pets to Have Access to Domestic Violence Shelters


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