• Pastors in Drag, Russell Moore, & Biblical Manhood: The Fruit Test from Tic Toc Ministries

It’s been quite some time since I last visited the site I am linking you to here. I don’t remember all of the blogger’s positions on every subject, so a link to this post of theirs below is not necessarily an endorsement of all views on their blog.

I don’t  agree totally with every single point the author makes in the following post, but she makes many great points demonstrating how flawed Christian gender complementarianism is:

Pastors in Drag, Russell Moore, & Biblical Manhood: The Fruit Test from Tic Toc Ministries



Complementarians want to tell you how to be a real man…and now, it’s getting personal.

These experts on “Biblical Manhood” are questioning yours – even if you say you agree with them.

Today Jesus is going to give you a simple test to find out if these are leaders you should follow.

Are these men Biblical examples of “real manhood”?

If you follow their example, will you become as “manly” as they say you should be?

Let’s look at the evidence.

The Low Down On Complementarianism

Complementarianism is the view that men and women have been created “equally” in God’s image, but have different yet “complementary” roles.

… But don’t be fooled by the euphemisms.

These men define “biblical manhood” NOT by a man’s own godly behavior, but by how successful he is in forcing his wife into submission.

Likewise, their measure of a “biblical woman” is NOT whether she emulates the example of theactual women in the Bible. On the contrary, leaders and conscientious objectors of the female kind (with which the Bible is replete) are not only frowned upon— they are to be silenced.

… The Psychology Behind the Theology: Its All Feminists’ Fault

George Rekers wrote “Shaping Your Child’s Sexual Identity”, and “Psychological Foundations for Rearing Masculine Boys and Feminine Girls”— an article included in “Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood”.

…. The CBMW also looks to him as an authority on the psychology behind their theories: that there are certain roles men and women are supposed to take, and to step outside of those roles (as defined by CBMW) will result in all kinds of evil.

In an article posted on CBMW.org, “50 Crucial Questions…About Manhood and Womanhood”, Rekers’ clinical research is used as the basis for the conclusion that homosexual behavior is the result of feminism.

[snip long excerpt by Rekers where he asserts that “biblical feminism” plays a part in creating homosexuality]

First of all, the Bible never names feminism as a sin.

Further, if there’s a brand of feminism that is biblical, by definition it would have to be good.

But according to these men, even biblical feminism has the power to unravel the fabric of the universe.

The question is, are these guys right? Does feminism cause homosexual or effeminate behavior in men?

More importantly, if we follow Rekers’ and the CBMW’s recommendations, will we end up with more masculine boys?

Ask Jo-Vanni Roman— the male prostitute George Rekers was busted with in 2010.

Rentboy Scandal: Who’s “Causing” Homosexuality Now?
Roman (who went by the name “Lucien”) had the pleasure of receiving a first-hand education in “Biblical manhood” when he was hired to accompany Rekers on a 10-day vacation. (Wikipedia):

The Miami New Times reported on May 4, 2010, that Rekers had been photographed at Miami International Airport with a twenty-year-old “rent boy” who was using the name “Lucien” (later identified as Jo-Vanni Roman).

Read the rest here

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