• Blind Teenage Girl in Mumbai Fights off Molester Using Self-Defense Moves She Learned at School, Police Say by R. Joglekar and G. Davies

Blind Teenage Girl in Mumbai Fights off Molester Using Self-Defense Moves She Learned at School, Police Say by R. Joglekar and G. Davies

I’ve detailed on this blog before that complementarian men are insecure little sexist ass hats, which is one reason why they ask, pressure, brainwash, or cajole women into acting small, helpless, and defenseless at all times – it pumps up their insecure male egos.

Complementarian John Piper is no exception: he doesn’t think women should work as police officers, nor does Piper believe that a woman on a walk with a man should defend herself if she’s being attacked  (she should, according to him, stand idly by while her male companion beats up the attacker, even if she knows karate, I think he said). You can google these views  of Piper’s to find them for yourself.

These views of Piper’s, and of complementarians such as him, are so moronic, sexist, and impractical, and the exceptions don’t bear them out, such as…

Blind teenager in Mumbai fights off molester using self-defense moves she learned at school, police say

By R. Joglekar and G. Davies
Dec 20, 2018

A blind 15-year-old girl in Mumbai used her self-defense skills to tackle a man who allegedly sexually molested her on a suburban train in Mumbai, India, and detain him until the police arrived, authorities said.

The teenager boarded a crowded train with her father on the evening of Dec. 16, and went to the compartment reserved for disabled people.

A few minutes after the train left the platform, Vishal Singh, 24, allegedly molested the girl, who responded by holding his finger in a tight clasp and bringing him to his knees. She then twisted his arm and he fell to the ground.

“She was trained in self-defense at her school. She immediately realized what the man was trying to do and held his finger,” Senior Police Inspector Prasad Pandhare told ABC News.

“She told her father what she was doing and why she was doing it. Her father held on to the man as well and so did fellow commuters to prevent him from escaping. She calmly waited for the next station and then handed the man over to the police who were present at the next station on the suburban railway line,” Pandhare said.

Singh has been taken into police custody, according to authorities.

He was allegedly travelling illegally in the railway carriage that is reserved for disabled people. It was later discovered that he was travelling without a ticket, the police said.

…“Our school teaches us self-defense and karate as part of our curriculum, so we can face the world despite our disability,” the teenager told the Hindustan Times newspaper. “I want the man to suffer, to ensure he does not repeat the act with any other ‘easy target.’”

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