• Gender Complementarian Vs Gender Egalitarian Song Lists

Gender Complementarian Vs Gender Egalitarian Song Lists

This first song is how gender complementarians envision marriage and relationships between men and women.
It’s unbiblical, insulting, and why even so many Christian marriages with “traditional values” fail and end up in divorce.

1. Put Another Log on the Fire by Tompall Glaser

2. Strut by Sheena Easton

Complementarians often teach pure male entitlement (and lie and say it’s “God’s design”) – they also have a lot of false ideas about women’s sexuality.

Namely,  complementarians assume that only men want sex, and women don’t want it, don’t like it, and don’t need it. (Think of, for instance, complementarian morons such as “preachers” Mark Driscoll and Doug Wilson.)

Complementarian pastors, who are male (of course), therefore never (that I’ve heard) address the topic of husbands sexually pleasing their wives. Pastors never address what women want and prefer in sex.

Complementarians value women only as brood mares: for wifey-hood (i.e., doing housework), sex, and having and rearing children.

Also, hypocritically, a lot of Christian men use pornography, including pastors, and some of them commit fornication (see again: Mark Driscoll for one), some of them are molesting teen-aged girls who attend their churches (see: Andy Savage), but every Sunday, they are paying lip service to being chaste or staying a virgin until marriage.

Anyway, the assumption with these sexist ass-hats (complementarians) is that a man’s sexual needs and preferences are paramount, so they coach wives in their sexist, stupid books, sermons, and blog posts, that the wife should always have sex whenever and however the husband wants.
Which results in this song:

Read the lyrics to the Strut song here or here.

Most women, contrary to what complementarians think and teach, do have sex drives.

Learn from this song, complementarians:

3. Manhunt by Karen Kamon

Read the lyrics to Manhunt here or here.

And learn from this song, too, complementarians, and stop perpetuating the myth that sex is only for men, or to only be enjoyed by men, or that only men want it – this song is about female masturbation:

4. She Bop by Cyndi Lauper

Read the lyrics to She Bop here or here.

This next song is reality.

This song describes how most women really are, not how complementarian men (and complementarian women) teach, propagandize, and wish women were:

5. Bitch by Meredith Brooks 

You can read the lyrics to the song “Bitch” here or here.

Regarding the following song by Paula Cole:
After a complementarian woman has been married to a complementarian man in the sort of marriage listed under song number one (by Glaser), a lot of them arrive at the sad conclusion reached in the lyrics in this next song:

6. Where Have All The Cowboys Gone? by Paula Cole

You can read the lyrics to that Paula Cole song here or here.

Most complementarian men do NOT end up being the self-sacrificing, daring, considerate, romantic, White Knight on a noble steed that the complementarians teach Christian women that men are, or are supposed to be, or designed by God to be. Nope.

Many complementarian men end up being selfish, self absorbed, entitled, stupid, or abusive losers who teach, believe, and support sexist beliefs about girls and women that hurt girls and women.

That fact sinks in with the women – they notice eventually, which brings us to this song…

And so, the complementarian women in the Paula Cole song end up in one of these two songs:

7a. “D-I-V-O-R-C-E” by Tammy Wynette
7b.  Goin’ Through the Big D by Mark Chesnutt

Read the lyrics to DIVORCE by Tammy Wynette here or here

Read the lyrics to Goin’ Through the Big D by Mark Chesnutt here or here

Now, your sexist ass-hat complementarians, such as but not limited to John Piper, teach women that divorce is ALWAYS wrong, even when the woman’s husband is consistently abusive to her and/ or is a serial  adulterer.

Now, some complementarians will tell women it’s acceptable for them to move out of the same house of their loser, abusive, dead beet, jerk husband and separate, but some of these men, those terrible husbands, may keep stalking their wife (or ex).

Sometimes, the complementarian churches (if they don’t agree with the wife leaving the husband), may also stalk the wife, even if and when the wife quits that church.

Both the ex spouse or the church may insist that the wife stay with the abuser or the abusive church. They won’t just let her go and move on with her life, no.

They want to keep using and abusing her.

Which takes us to this 1980s remake of a great 1960s song:

8. You Keep Me Hangin’ On by Kim Wilde

Read the lyrics to this song here or here

Once you break up with your LOSER ex husband, he may think you will be nothing without him.

Christian culture and complementarians have brainwashed you into thinking you need a husband for spiritual guidance and for everything else, so, they teach, you won’t be able to get along fine alone – FALSE.

You’ll adjust and do fine on your own. You will be able to sing along with this next song and agree with every lyric.

9. I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor

Read the lyrics to I Will Survive here or here.

A lot of women are raised with the hope or fantasy that they will find Mr. Right, and churches (especially the complementarian variety) don’t do much to dispel this, as can be heard in this remake of an 1980s song.

Holding Out For A Hero by Jennifer Saunders

Read the lyrics for that song here or here

Women who are into that fantasy need to accept they may never meet Mr. Right at all, or the guy they end up marrying may result in songs number one, or six, or seven (a), or seven (b).

The truth is, women do not need men or a man (husband or boyfriend) to be complete or fulfilled in life.

As this next ’80s song attests,

  1. Don’t settle for second best
  2. You’ll do much better on your own

Express Yourself by Madonna

Read lyrics to this song here or here

(or try this other version of the same song here on You Tube)

I used to be a complementarian, until I got into my 30s.

Then I realized that complementarianism is not biblical. Complementarianism is oppressive, it’s sexist, and it promotes codependency for women as being biblical (it’s not biblical).

So I deleted complementarianism from my playlist and substituted it with a much better soundtrack.

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