• Blocked From Using My Daisy Twitter Account (June 2019)

Well, this is annoying

Twitter locked me out of my Twitter account about two days ago.

Without warning I was just quickly locked out, and taken to a page that says, “We have detected unusual activity on your account, so we are locking it down.”

I think their page said this is a temporary situation?

I was using my account as I always do – just RTing interesting articles, I commented on someone else’s Tweets.

Shortly before I was booted off, I did send two links to internet sexist Matt Walsh – maybe he reported me for harassment, and that is what got me blocked?

I did not harass Walsh or say anything nasty to him, nor did I send him hate mail.

I simply pasted in two links to two articles that disagreed with his opinion under Tweets Walsh had made, and that was all I did.

(Matt Walsh, by the way, is like 99% of liberal feminists: he’s like a broken clock: usually wrong on most topics but sometimes right at least twice a day.)

Anyway, that was the first time I had ever tweeted to Walsh in my life on that Daisy account.

I can’t help but wonder if he or his followers reported me to Twitter and that is what got me the boot.

After I was blocked on Twitter, I clicked their “help” button to report this situation.

I then had to navigate through a series of tasks to finally be able to send those people my complaint

-I told them it was just me on my account, nobody else, I was not behaving any differently on there than I had before, so I have no idea what their page meant when it said my account “showed signs of unusual activity.”

I also have not owned a cell phone in over 17 years, I have no intent of buying one now, and the stupid Twitter “recovery” page says you must provide them with a cell number to gain reactivation.

So, when I finally was able to arrive at their “contact us by e-mail” page, I notified those geniuses that not everyone on the planet owns a cell phone (like me), so how exactly am I supposed to text them from a cell to get a text code back? I cannot.

It’s been about two days, and I’ve not heard from Twitter. I have no idea how long I will be blocked on there.

I do have another Daisy e-mail address I can use to start another Daisy Twitter account, which I will consider doing.

If I do that, I will update this post to signify I have made another Daisy account.

In the meantime, if someone starts another account using my screen name, it’s not me.

June 11, 2019

Okay, I have access to my Daisy Twitter account again.

I got an e-mail from Twitter earlier today, and they said they mistakenly thought my e-mail account was a spamming account, which is why they froze it.

They apologized and unlocked my account, but that took three or four days – and it was a pain in the ass to have to keep clicking through different screens to contact them.

But I’m on Twitter again.

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