• People Taking Antidepressants After The Age of 60 Are ‘THREE TIMES More Likely To Get Dementia Because They May Cause Nerve Damage’

People Taking Antidepressants After The Age of 60 Are ‘THREE TIMES More Likely To Get Dementia Because They May Cause Nerve Damage’

My disclaimer: I am NOT opposed to doctor-prescribed medications to treat mental health issues, in spite of the fact I do occasionally post content that is critical of such medications or of psychology or psychiatry. I am not opposed to the mental health profession, nor against medications, but, I am also not supportive of a view that any and all mental health treatments work for everyone.

People taking antidepressants after the age of 60 are ‘THREE TIMES more likely to get dementia because they may cause nerve damage’

June 2019

People taking antidepressants in middle or old age could have triple the risk of developing dementia, a study has found.

Antidepressants may damage or kill crucial nerve cells in the brain, researchers claimed in a study of more than 71,000 people.

Rates of dementia were found to be 3.4 times higher among people who took thedepression drugs after the age of 60.

The findings should encourage people and doctors to weigh up the risks and benefits of antidepressant treatment, the researchers said.

But one expert warned scientists are increasingly turning to believe depression may actually be an early symptom of dementia and a consequence of years of changes in the brain.

Others said there is no evidence the pills cause the brain disease – only that there is a link between the conditions – and depression treatment should not be avoided.

…In the paper they added: ‘Clinicians, caregivers and patients may wish to consider this potential negative consequence of antidepressant exposure with the objective of balancing the adverse events and symptomatic benefits of… antidepressant medication in old age’.

The research suggested the drugs may cause nerve damage, stop the growth of nerve cells, or be toxic to normal cells in the brain.

However, one expert said the finding should not be used to stop people from taking antidepressants, and the link may actually go the other way.

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