• My New Daisy Twitter Account – Because Twitter Locked Down My Original Account YET AGAIN

My New Daisy Twitter Account – Because Twitter Locked Down My Original Account YET AGAIN

My new Daisy account, located here (the handle is @Flower2Ms)

Unfortunately, Twitter says they have temporarily locked down my original Twitter account, “@MsDaisyFlower” (located here).

They locked it down about a week ago. I am tired of waiting for them to rectify this situation.

I have used their “Help” contact form to contact them, and I e-mailed them, seeking redress, but my account still remains locked.

I believe their automated “you are blocked” message said my account was “showing unusual activity” and that I was possibly using “automated” means.

Both are untrue.

I was using my Twitter account as I normally do – just sharing links and RT interesting links – when I my account was locked down. It is just me, copying and pasting text into Tweets. I was not using anything automated.

Even though I’ve been e-mailing them like crazy and filing more help requests, they’ve been ignoring me.

This is the SECOND TIME in about two, three months Twitter has done this – very same scenario – and I did nothing wrong the first time, either.

However, I sure as hey had to be a squeaky wheel, e-mailing them almost every single day to get them to unlock that account.

I wrote about Twitter blocking me a couple of months ago here, in this other blog post

As of today, I created a new, secondary account so I can continue to tweet unless and until the people at Twitter fix things. If they do, I may put this secondary account on ice, so to speak, and resume using the original one.

In the meantime, I am tweeting as @Flower2Ms (link to that page)
-until or unless Twitter fixes the @MsDaisyFlower account (link to that page).

Edit. I might go ahead and make the secondary (newer) account my primary one, and use the original one as a back-up, so long as Twitter doesn’t start locking down my newer account, at least.

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