• Blocked by Complementarian Owen Strachan For Two Benign Tweets That Contradicted His Worldview About Women and Masculinity

Blocked by Complementarian Owen Strachan For Two Benign Tweets That Contradicted His Worldview About Women and Masculinity

I don’t think Owen Strachan realizes or appreciates I have more than one Twitter account, LOL.

Here is the tweet that got me blocked today by Owen Strachan – well, my two replies to it:

Link: Tweet by Owen Strachan edit: link is to my Tweet which is right below Strachan’s

Edit 2 – let me try this again:
Link: Owen Strachan’s Tweet

I left him two replies, and I replied to one or two other people.  I was pretty subdued and polite, for me, and yet, I was blocked anyhow; read on for the story…

Strachan quoted a tweet by another person, who had tweeted a news story about Aussies applauding as fire fighters showed up in Australia to help fight the bush fires there.

This is what Strachan said (link to Tweet) about that news headline, as shared by someone named Rita Panahi, who has since (apparently) deleted her tweet:

When people see men put their lives on the line for others, there is an instinctual & visceral reaction.
Men are made for this: to step up, enter the fray, take the hit, be strong for the needy, fight. Progressive culture scorns manhood; ordinary people respect it and want it.
— end Strachan Twitter comment —

The problem with this is that women are also “made for this” – women are also capable of stepping up, entering the fray, taking a hit, being strong for the needy, and fighting.

Women in the United States and elsewhere work as firefighters.

Here is an article about all-female fire crews fighting Aussie bush-fires right now:

Meet the all-female Indigenous fire crew protecting community, family and sacred land”

Some snippets, before I resume with my own commentary:

January 7, 2020
by Sue Smethurst

In a tinder-dry continent, during the most dangerous fire season on record, Sue Smethurst meets the all-female Indigenous fire crew that fighting to protect family, community and sacred land. …Charmaine’s crew is Australia’s first all-Indigenous, all-female fire brigade, a highly-skilled bunch of mothers and grandmothers who can pull a strike-team together faster than wildfire.

These trailblazing women are the backbone of the remote Lake Tyers Aboriginal Trust, a self-governing Aboriginal community in the State’s far east.
“It’s not that men aren’t welcome – in fact we’d love the fellas to join us and help out!” Charmaine quips.

“Every now and then a fella comes along but they don’t seem to last too long. I don’t think they like taking orders from me,” laughs the vivacious 52-year-old grandmother of three.
— end excerpt–

Progressive culture does not “scorn manhood.” This is a point that is misunderstood greatly by a lot of my fellow conservatives.

(Yes, I’m a conservative, and not a progressive (liberal), by the way. There are many things to criticize progressives for, but some of their critiques on sexism in culture is not one of them.)

Generally, what progressives are calling out – when they use phrases such as “Toxic Masculinity” – are the harmful behaviors and attitudes of males that are supported, perpetuated, under-girded, and encouraged by gender stereotypes. They are not saying that masculinity itself is toxic or that all men are toxic.

A critique of sexism vis a vis “Toxic Masculinity,” by progressives or whomever else, would not, therefore, include opposition to a man (or men) who do something such as men putting their physical safety at risk to rescue people or animals in a fire.

For conservative men to continue to raise this type of point (as conservative commentator Matt Walsh did with a tweet about Hurricane Harvey awhile ago, when he tweeted out a photo of a male first responder carrying a woman through a flooded street, with an accompanying caption ridiculing feminists for opposing such masculinity), is a Straw Man argument. It’s one that keeps cropping up.

Dr. Brown, who periodically writes social commentary editorials for The Christian Post is guilty of this very thing as well.

I confronted Dr. Michael Brown on Twitter about a year ago, and he condescendingly denied he misunderstands what the phrase “Toxic Masculinity” means – but he does misunderstand what it means. 

Until Dr. Brown, Matt Walsh, Tucker Carlson, Owen Strachan, and all other conservatives stop misrepresenting and erecting straw man arguments against feminism and the phrase and concept of “Toxic Masculinity,” they should stop writing about such topics.

They’re only making “my side” (conservative) look like uneducated dolts who allow an agenda to get in the way of constructing solid arguments.

Please see links about this topic below, under the Screen Shots section, under the ‘See Also’ area….

Relevant Screen Shots:

Tweet by Owen Strachan
^Tweet by Owen Strachan – screen shot

Tweets by Daisy

^Tweets by Daisy (screen captures) – Strachan  blocked me over these replies

Screen Capture: Blocked by Owen Strachan
Screen Capture: Blocked by Owen Strachan

Edit: Below: screen cap of tweet sent from my alternative Daisy account (I guess there are some benefits to Twitter suspending my accounts every so often, where they mistake me for bots – I get more than one account from which I can reply to guys who block me):

Screen Cap: Tweet Sent From My Other Daisy Account
Screen Cap: Tweet Sent From My Other Daisy Account

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