• Blog Problems – May Be Migrating to New Host – Word Press Blogs Not Allowing Editing After Publishing and No (or Unpredictable) Access to Blog Admin Area

Word Press must have made some changes behind the scenes to their blogs or what not since the second or so week of January 2020, because more often than not, in the past few days, I’ve not been able to edit posts after publishing them (which is a HUGE problem),

….and, I’ve not been able to access the Blog’s Admin area (which is an even bigger problem).

For the past week, my Tweets should be showing up in the “Twitter” widget that appears on this blog’s right hand column, but it has not been showing up at all.

I am in the process of researching new free blog hosts.

I may be migrating to one. If I move my blog to a new host, I will announce it on Twitter, and maybe over on Wartburg Watch and/or Spiritual Sounding Board.

I’ve previously contacted Word Press about these problems, but they only told me to clear my browser cache – which I tried, but it did not work.

So… you may be seeing this blog on a new host one of these days.

Right now Word Press appears to only be allowing me to post anything using their awful new “Block” format.

Even if the blog works with that format, I hate it so much, I may move to another hoster anyway, one with a more traditional blog writing format.

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