• Why I Became a Biblical Egalitarian by David Dzimianski

Why I Became a Biblical Egalitarian by David Dzimianski

I present you here with a few excerpts; if you’d like to read his whole page – and I recommend doing so – please use the link to his blog post I am providing here:

Why I Became a Biblical Egalitarian by David Dzimianski

…I was raised in the homeschool movement, particularly the patriarchal framework of Bill Gothard’s ATIA and Doug Phillips’ Vision Forum. While my parents and my local Independent Baptist Church were not hardcore, they nevertheless, in theory, accepted a lot of the major premises of these organizations and the patriarchal model.

…What I ended up observing in that time was a constant conflict between the theoretical patriarchal underpinnings, and the unambiguous calls for love and equality in the New Testament.

The most exemplary marriages among the staff were exceptionally egalitarian in practice, even if they kept the lines pretty clear when it came to formal church functions. The marriages that followed the teachings to the letter appeared miserable and defective.

[The author of the post goes on to explain that his first step away from complementarianism was by noticing how preoccupied complementarians are with authority and always raising the question “who is in charge, who is in authority,” while the teachings of Jesus completely repudiate such an interest in holding authority and lording it over others]

…Jesus rebuked, not merely the naked desire for power, but even the very concept of authority or hierarchy within His kingdom at all. There is only one authority in Christianity – Jesus – and He has not delegated that authority through any individual or organization in any way that gives any Christian authority over any other.

Please read the rest of that post here


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  1. Hi Daisy – thanks for linking to my article. I hope it is a help to others who are wrestling with, or experienced abuse under the patriarchal/complementarian system.

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