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Edit, April 2016:

Please scroll down this page to see the ‘MY BELIEFS‘ section, if you are interested in knowing more about my views

Some of you may know me from other blogs and sites.

I did not set out to blog here. I initially created this account so I could comment on other blogs.

However, as I’m not being permitted to give voice to all my views on other blogs all the time, or, not fully (my posting privilege has been limited on a few of these blogs lately, summer 2014), my only outlet to explain myself is on a blog of my own, so here I am.

I do not think I will be blogging here on a regular basis, not at this time. Maybe I’ll change my mind and start writing posts here weekly or monthly.

I am neither fully Christian nor fully agnostic these days.

I don’t know if I still agree with the Christian faith or not.

My understanding of Christianity is still on the conservative, orthodox side of things, e.g., I believe, from the Christian view, that Jesus Christ is God, that the Bible was written by God through men, is meant to be taken literally where it’s literal (I realize the Bible contains allegory and figures of speech), that the Bible is inerrant, that the readings of the Auographa (the original copies) can be reconstructed accurately via lower text criticism, etc.

I remain very conservative when it comes to politics and social topics. (August 2016: I think I’d modify this now to say I’m “moderately” conservative, as opposed to being “very” conservative.)

Because I am conservative, I find myself at odds with a lot of groups or blogs out there that are meant to be welcoming to people such as myself (people who have been wounded by churches and Christians, who are struggling to hold on to the faith). Why?

Because most of the other participants at such sites are usually quite liberal on social morals or politics, or love to assume anyone who is not leftist on social issues is a heartless jerk.

I will be shouted down five- to- one on those blogs and forums.

Wounded Christians who are conservative, Republican, who have traditional values, are generally not welcomed at most of the sites that are intended for, well, wounded Christians or agnostics who were once Christians. Sadly, the folks who run those groups don’t seem to recognize or care that this is the case.


  • I have always been conservative, both on social and political issues. I remain conservative to this day, though I have become more moderate on some positions in the last two or three years.
    But I am not left wing, a progressive, or a liberal.
    • (Any visitors who are liberal: I do have liberal friends in real life and online, so I do not view liberal, left wing people as enemies; we just happen to disagree on some things, and as far as I am concerned, that’s okay.)
  • I come from a Christian family. Both of my parents believed in Jesus and traditional gender roles and held traditional values.
  • I accepted Jesus as my Savior when I was a child.
  • I have voted Republican my entire life, although I have not been completely happy with the Republican Party in the last few years.
  • I am pro-life concerning the abortion topic and am firmly- to- moderately- conservative on many other social issues.
  • However, I do not tend to get as “worked up” or passionate over some subjects that other conservatives do, such as homosexual marriage, for example.
  • I do not hate motherhood, men, or marriage.
  • I used to be a Christian gender complementarian.
    In posts on this blog, I wrote of my experiences with complementarianism and briefly explained why I rejected it, so I shall not tread that ground again here.
  • My point is I used to be a complementarian myself, and so I understand complementarianism. I did not reject complementarianism because of liberalism, secular feminism, hatred of the Bible, or due to ignorance of what complementarianism is.
  • I became a Christian when a child but have been in a faith crisis the last few years, which has caused me to question what I believe about the faith, the Bible, and caused me to look again at how other Christians behave and how other Christians choose to interpret the Bible and treat people.
  • I am not an atheist.
  • I’m not sure what label I would apply to myself, because I am in this murky area of being partly Christian but partly not- a- Christian.
  • But I am not an atheist (really, I cannot say this one enough, because a lot of Christians seem to confuse my present belief set with atheism).
  • I am not a Christian-hating, liberal, Democrat-voting, abortion- supporting, hairy, bra-burning feminist. In other words, I am not the stereotype a lot of Christian gender complementarians make women like me (ones who disagree with complementarianism) out to be.

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  1. Daisy– I just read your wonderful takedown of “R. Lloyd” on Spiritual Sounding Board and it prompted me to say–You Rock.

    I read and occasionally post on SSB and WW coming from the opposite side of the spectrum from you, as a liberal agnostic, because I want to understand what thoughtful believers (or former believers) have to say about their faith. Reading your posts over the last two years has been illuminating for me. You’ve sorted out your thinking in an honest, public way, and taken a lot of criticism for some of your views. But you never just turned tail and ran back into religious conformity or into cynical disbelief. You keep thinking and evaluating.

    I admire your spirit and courage.

    • Thank you, Lane.

      I don’t know for how long I’ll be in this limbo of ‘I sort of still believe some of the core doctrines of the Christian faith but at the same time am sort of an agnostic, and I doubt other parts of the faith’.

      One advantage of being in this odd position is that the blinders are off, and I think I see things as they really are.

      Also, I don’t feel the pressure to be as super nice to people now in some matters as I did before when I was totally Christian all the way.

      In other words, I didn’t feel the need to hold back with that R Lloyd guy at SSB. I felt much more free to be very blunt with the guy. I likely would never have been that outspoken in my days as a sugary nice Christian.

      I do sometimes duck out of fights on these blogs, like at TWW.

      The folks at TWW actually put me on mute on their blog for about 8 or 9 months in a row, around last summer, if I remember the timing correctly.

      They set my posts up so that they would not automatically appear on their blog unless a moderator allowed them to go through.

      After several months of that, I sent the people of TWW an e-mail behind the scenes basically (and politely) telling them why I felt that was odd and unfair, but I told them I realized it was their blog to rule as they wished, and I said good-bye.

      I was going to stop posting there and maybe even not lurk. But they eventually took me off moderated status (which I think is very nice of them, and I appreciate it), so I began posting again.

      Anyway, I actually prefer to get along with people. I don’t like to fight, so sometimes, I will leave a thread if I feel I’m really losing my temper, or about to.

      There are a few personalities on these blogs that rub me the wrong way, so I try to just scroll over their posts without reading them, or without replying… because if I reply, I figure things will get heated, and I don’t want that.

      I’m trying not to slip into bitterness. I have an older sister who is very bitter – I’ve seen first hand what that can do to a person, so I try not to go that route.

      I am definitely struggling with things, including the Christian faith.

      I’m trying to stay open minded about things, at least on some topics. I’m not really sure what to think.

      I am still pretty conservative in how I view issues (politics, morals, Christianity), but I can see now that the conservatives sometimes get things wrong some of the time.

      I sometimes find myself reading liberal points or criticisms on sites and blogs and thinking, “Okay, this is true, this is a good point they have here.”

      I mean, I doubt I’ll ever become a liberal myself, but I can see that conservatives are in the wrong occasionally.

      I’m glad you enjoyed my posts. I feel I repeat myself a lot on some things, which I hope doesn’t annoy people on other blogs too much. I sometimes think I am annoying people on other blogs, so I will sometimes do more lurking than posting.

      As far as me posting on the same things over and over… Some of the things I discuss over and over are things I’m working out for myself, or topics that bug me, I guess.

      Anyway, thank you so much for your kind words. 🙂
      I’m glad someone gets something out of my posts. I guess I am working through some of my stuff in public on some of these blogs. 🙂

      • Hi Daisy,

        Somehow I missed your reply until today when I was cleaning out emails.

        Thanks for writing back. Blog-response life does seem to have its own set of realities, and I often wonder whether my impressions of people online would hold up in person.

        I think I am more self-protective than you are in comments. I don’t share as much of my doubts and evolutions in thought. But maybe like you, I have had my ideas and assumptions broadened by reading comments from points of view different than mine. And in general, the people I admire most and learn the most from are the ones who are willing to reevaluate their thinking, and share that process.

        I also have people whose posts I skip because their approach just plain bugs me even if I agree with their positions. But not yours,

        all best,

    • Hey Carmen!
      I don’t really blog here all too often. Sometimes I forget to log in and check to see if I have any new comments I need to approve.

      I do have one blog post sitting in draft status that needs to be finished. I don’t know if I’ll finish that and post it.

      Anyway. You are welcome to post here whenever.

      I don’t mean to disappoint – I don’t blog here that much, so you may not be seeing posts here too often.

      I’ve had this blog for like two or more years(?) now but have only done like 7 or 8 posts in that time. 🙂

  2. Oh, Daisy – one other thing. You don’t seem to have a ‘Follow’ button, which would ensure that your subscribers would see your posts automatically, when you put one up. You might want to do that in order to increase your readership.

    • @ Carmen.

      Ask and you shall receive! If I fiddled around with the blog settings in the admin section right, there should be two follow buttons / link things on the right hand side of the page, towards the bottom.

  3. Presto! I filled it all out and then got a message saying I was already subscribed so perhaps yours was set to automatically sign people up when they commented. 🙂 All good!

    • Okay.

      By the way, your posts should be showing up automatically on my blog by now, since I already approved two of them to appear …. but you appear to still be on moderated status??

      I had to manually approve this last message of yours to appear. The blog should not be doing that.

      I’ll go back into the admin section to take a look at the settings again to see if something needs to be fixed.

      Anyway. Thank you for being a subscriber. Please don’t be disappointed if you don’t see another post here over the next five years or something. LOL.

      I do have one or two post ideas in mind, but I don’t know if/when I’ll get around to writing or posting them.

  4. Oh Daisy.

    I love reading what you write.

    You are honest and direct.

    I would not want to cross your path haha

    And most of all… I just want to be your friend.

    And I’m glad you’re not hairy.

    • Thank you Salty.

      Considering your “Salty” screen name, I wonder if you’d ever consider using a photo of the “Mr. Peanut” mascot for your avatar? That would be funny. 🙂

      I do shave regularly, so no, I’m not hairy. 🙂

      I should probably blog here more often than I do.

      Thanks for dropping in!

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