• James Damore Doesn’t Understand Women in STEM — or Even STEM Itself by Tabatha Southey

James Damore doesn’t understand women in STEM—or even STEM itself

by Tabatha Southey


Tabatha Southey: James Damore is suing Google for discrimination over his memo. But his beliefs ignore truths about science—and his own industry

That James Damore launched a series of earnest “Is there a bias against women in tech?” stories by sending out a 10-page internal memo in August detailing his bias against women in tech, says so much about what many women in science are up against.

… While he’s hardly alone, Damore’s laborious effort provides indisputable evidence of the attitudes that many women in STEM face.

When a woman submits her resume, she knows it may be read by a Damore.

When she negotiates a raise—an arena in which she’sdamned if she does and, as the Google memo explains, too innately high in “agreeableness” if she doesn’t—she weighs the possibility that she’s negotiating with a Damore.

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• Christians Need to Reform Their Ideas About Sex and Power by Megan Powell

This editorial I link to much farther below, by Powell, on Eternity News site, reflects several views I’ve held for a long time, one of which is that American Christians, especially the more conservative ones, are really not so different in their views towards gender and sexual behavior as the secular culture.

However, American Christians really like to run about in their blogs and podcasts saying their take on things is “counter cultural” and oh so very different from what they imagine liberals and feminists promote.

My response to that: No, it’s not. The Christian view is not all that different from what they, Christians, believe liberals and feminists supposedly promote or believe about sexuality.

Christians are actually maintaining and enabling the cultural status quo and re-enforcing cultural gender stereotypes and sexual practices they claim to be in opposition to.

I have also noted that strict adherence to traditional gender stereotypes, which Christians promote under gender complementarianism, are not going to resolve societal problems, such as divorce, transgenderism, and other things Christians say they are concerned about.

(Nor will heterosexual marriage, natalism, or the nuclear family “fix” societal ills either, but Christians from James Dobson to Al Mohler and secular conservative think tanks keep promoting these entities, though the Bible itself does not – not as a solution for cultural decay.)

Where the author, Powell, states:

…[we should be] teaching our sons a masculinity that isn’t based on power and aggression…

She would be describing some of the elements that encompass what feminists refer to as “toxic masculinity.” Many anti- feminists, Christians and conservatives misunderstand what the term “toxic masculinity” means.

Christians Need to Reform Their Ideas About Sex and Power by Megan Powell

#metoo shows the church has the same problem as society

A return to traditional sexuality and gender norms will not solve the problems raised by the #metoo movement, because research shows that it makes no difference to the incidence of sexual harassment and abuse.

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• Labor Board Rules Google’s Firing of James Damore Was Legal

Google’s firing of engineer James Damore did not break labor law, NLRB lawyer concludes

Google’s firing of engineer James Damore over his controversial memo criticizing the company’s diversity policies and “politically correct monoculture” did not violate U.S. labor law, a federal agency lawyer concluded.

Statements in Damore’s 3,000-word memo “regarding biological differences between the sexes were so harmful, discriminatory, and disruptive” that they fell outside protections for collective action in the workplace, an associate general counsel for the National Labor Relations Board wrote in a six-page memo disclosed Thursday.

Fired Google Engineer Loses Diversity Memo Challenge

James Damore’s labor complaint against Google was completely shut down

Labor Board Found Google Was Within Its Rights to Fire James Damore

by Kate Conger, Feb 2018

Google did not violate labor law by firing James Damore, the author of a memo that argued women were biologically less capable to work in software engineering than men, according to an attorney for the National Labor Relations Board.

…According to a memo written by NLRB attorney Jayme Sophir, Google was careful to note that it was firing Damore for his discriminatory comments, rather than his criticisms of Google’s diversity and inclusion efforts. The NLRB determined that, while his critique of Google was protected by law, his discriminatory statements were not—and that Google was therefore within its rights to fire him.

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• You Say You’re Against Victimhood Culture Yet You Depict All Men As Victims

You Say You’re Against Victimhood Culture Yet You Depict All Men As Victims

In this post, I am specifically addressing Americans in American culture, though I have seen non-Americans play this game at times as well, in online news articles and editorials.

A lot of people – particularly those with a disposition against liberal feminism (or any type of feminism, actually) say that one problem they have with feminism is that, in their opinion, that all of feminism depicts all women as being weak little victims. That is their perception, but it’s not an accurate one.

This tendency to think of feminism as being a perpetuater of Victimhood Culture is especially true of conservatives, of which I am one myself.

Too often, those who hold this view never really take the time to try to actually understand feminists and what they’re saying, nor do they visit primary source material but read or listen to second-hand summaries of feminist views as spoken of or explained by conservatives or by conservative opinion sites, such as Rush Limbaugh, Twitchy, The Federalist, and so on.

Additionally, many conservatives are guilty of holding up the truly wacked out, kookified fringe of what is supposed to pass for feminism, the conservatives say – such as women wearing vagina costumes in women’s marches – and then broad-brushing all of feminism as being nutty.

Many conservatives love to produce memes of such crackpots (the vagina costumed women) and then write all sorts of slurs about feminism on them.

However, unlike other conservatives (or those who are anti-feminist but who may not go by the label of conservative), I’ve actually made it a point to get out of the conservative echo chamber and visit and lurk at sites by liberals and feminists.

Too often, many other conservatives get their information about liberals (or feminism) via conservative channels (such as conservative host Rush Limbaugh), which tend to skew, misunderstand, or misrepresent what feminism is about, and what feminists mean or are saying.

Usually, but not always, the people saying that feminists maintain or create a Victimhood Culture identify as conservative, or are at least sympathetic to some conservative ideals.

As I noted in another post, a lot of conservatives (of who I am one myself) and Christian gender complementarians (who tend to be religiously and politically conservative) frequently misunderstand or misrepresent feminism.

The Double Standard

The very same conservatives (or others of whatever political association who oppose feminism) who argue that feminism supposedly portrays all women as victims are the very same individuals who often depict all men as being victims.

This is hypocritical. It’s a double standard, but one that feminism haters have a blind spot to- they don’t seem to recognize they are doing the very thing they say feminists are guilty of.

When or if feminists (or anyone concerned about girls and women) publish studies, tweets, articles, or blog posts mentioning how women and girls have faced difficulty or unfair disadvantage or abuse in marriage, dating, employment, or whatever area of life, immediately, the feminist-haters will fire up their blogs, or Twitter accounts, to counter with commentary such as,

“But look at how much more worse men have it in that same area, far worse than women do, ever have, or ever will! According to a study by XYZ University, more men suffer than women because, …. (etc etc)….”

You see, the anti-feminists, who belittle feminists for supposedly supporting a “victimhood culture” like to counter their mis-perception of feminism by saying that men are bigger victims than women.

It’s an irony (and a double standard), as I said, that is lost on those who oppose feminism.

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• Are Schools or Pedagogical Systems Designed to Favor Girls Over Boys? No, Not By and Large – Links to Research, Articles, Studies

Are Schools or Pedagogical Systems Designed to Favor Girls Over Boys? No, Not By and Large

Some of the links and excerpts below are applicable also to the posts I made about James Damore’s hideous Google Memo (link 1, link 2, link 3, link 4), a memo which sought to explain (and it did so poorly) as to why there are more men than women working at Google or other tech areas or tech companies.

Some people – who bemoan that all feminists supposedly maintain a “victimhood culture” – never- the- less themselves depict boys and men as being cultural victims, or victims of feminism, and one area they sometimes bring up to try to prove this point is education.

Speaking specifically of American culture (though this can apply to some other nations or cultures as well), the anti-feminists, or “boys and men are victims” advocates, believe that all to most schools cater to the learning styles of girls, and that this comes at the expense of boys.

This argument reminds me of Christian gender complementarians who like to claim the reason more and more men have stopped attending church is because churches are supposedly “too feminine.”

I posted about that idiotic viewpoint here. (In the last few years, more and more women have stopped attending churches as well, but I see no where near the concern over that than I do over men.)

About half the American culture is single now, but churches tend to alienate adult singles with a steady stream of pro-marriage centered sermons, festivities, classes, and social events. As a result, singles of both biological sexes don’t feel welcome, so they tend to stay home.

Maybe churches should look into how to market to singles to entice more of them back to church, rather than lament they’re not getting as many male visitors.

At any rate, regarding the assumption that schools favor girls to boys, and this is why boys do not do as well:

But is this true or, is it true to the extent that “Boys Are Victims” advocates maintain? I don’t believe it is.

I don’t believe schools are more hospitable for girls or women than they are for boys and men, for the most part (especially considering American schools).

I don’t believe girls and women are at fault for men doing poorly in schools by virtue of the fact that in recent years, they have been making better grades or receiving more college degrees than men, which is how anti-feminists sometimes frame this subject.

Only in the world of sexists can it be thought rational or fair to blame females (or all of feminism) for the shortcomings and mistakes of boys and men.

This goes right back to the the book of Genesis in the Bible, where Adam sinned, and rather than own up to his responsibility, Adam shifted the blame back on to God and Eve, when he said to God, when questioned about his disobedience: “It was that women you gave me who told me to eat…”

Adam couldn’t just say, “Yes, I ate the apple. I was wrong, I apologize.” No, he had to blame God and Eve (the woman).

Some men (and the women who like to defend them) to this day are still trotting out that, “It was that woman (or women) who is (are) to blame for my failures…” line.

The thinking process among anti-feminists and sexists seems to be as follows:

 “How can we blame girls, women, and feminism for this latest report of most to all boys or men failing at X, Y, or Z in life, or for the recent spate of sexual harassment allegations under the MeToo campaign?

“How can we find a way to shift the blame back on to women, and say they are at fault for why men are failing at work, school, marriage, or why so many grope and rape women?

“We have to get the focus and blame off men and boys and back on to girls and women again! How do we do that?

Seldom do men, or the fervent anti feminism supporters, ever want to hold men accountable or investigate ways to encourage men to behave better, and certainly not in ways that do not involve asking women to just put up with the poor behavior of men.

Or, women are asked, by men or anti-feminist women, to fix the male-created problem for men (usually this is done by asking or expecting women to police their own behavior, such as: ‘don’t wear short skirts,’ ‘don’t walk alone at night,’ ‘don’t act so asssertive,’ etc., ‘if you don’t want to be raped or create problems in your career’). The blame shifting is ridiculous, but from what I’ve seen online, it’s pretty common.

And sadly, women who are either conservative or who misunderstand, and therefore hate, all of feminism, use that same rationale:

They blame girls and women for the mistakes or shortcomings of men and boys.

The playbook: say feminism is at fault. Don’t hold the boys and men accountable for their own personal failures, but instead, blame women, or blame women seeking redress from sexist actions or attitudes (which is one of the reasons or goals of feminism, by the way).

Something ironic I’ve noticed in these articles and research papers quoted about educational gaps between girls and boys is that when or if boys are held back in an educational system, it’s usually because of sexist or patriarchal cultural attitudes:
For example (according to the articles below and other ones I’ve seen in years past), boys get the message from their cultures (this is true of America and some other nations, the studies and investigations say) that studying is feminine and for girls.

Boys arrive at this view in part (the articles explain) because culture sends messages that everyone picks up and understands that girls are expected to be neat, tidy, attentive, and to possess other traits that lend themselves to long hours of quiet study, but not boys.

So, even in situations where one may want to blame schools for supposedly favoring girls to boys, the real situation appears to be that cultural gender expectations or stereotypes – and these are ones that favor boys and men to girls and women – are actually what is holding boys back educationally.

Here are links pertaining to these topics.

Bias and Stereotypes Sideline Girls in STEM

BUSTED: Physics teachers give girls lower grades than boys – for the exact same answers

Female students are more likely to get lower scores on physics exams than male counterparts, even though they give identical answers, researchers at a Swiss university found.
/end quote

All Teachers Should Be Trained To Overcome Their Hidden Biases

by Soraya Chemaly, 2015

Last week, two studies revealed that unexamined teacher biases are having a significant effect on girls’ education. The first found that gender stereotypes are negatively affecting girls’ math grades and positively affecting boys’.

The second revealed how disproportionately penalized young black girls are for being assertive in classroom settings. Together, they make the clearest possible case for making it mandatory for teachers to be trained in spotting and striving to overcome their implicit biases.

The findings of the first study reveal both the short and long-term effects of primary school teachers’ implicit beliefs about gender on children’s math skills and ambitions.

Researchers found that girls often score higher than boys on name-blind math tests, but once presented with recognizable boy and girl names on the same tests, teachers award higher scores to boys.

…. The impact of unconscious teacher bias is long understood and well-documented.

This new research confirms decades of work done by Myra and David Sadker and Karen R. Zittleman.

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• The Female Price of Male Pleasure (response to #MeToo criticisms) L. Loofbourow

The Female Price of Male Pleasure (response to #MeToo criticisms) by L. Loofbourow

I remain amazed at people who continue to ignore that social conditioning does play a big role in the differences between men and women.

Many people continue to want to assume that men are more sexual, or more aggressive, or more “whatever” than women are, that these differences are unchangeable and due to biology, and, ergo, women should not or cannot expect men to behave with respect towards women, or, it’s put forward “that’s just the way life it, it’s not going to change, so ladies, just ‘suck it up buttercup’ and put up with it.” I’ve even seen a small number of women argue as much.

The onus is once more put on women to be responsible for men’s behavior, (to avoid being raped, etc.)

Many of the things women are conditioned and brainwashed into enduring from men and culture are quite similar to what Christian gender complemenarians train girls and women to think and do as well, only complementarians like to argue that God designed women and society to be this way.

The Female Price of Male Pleasure (response to #MeToo criticisms)

The world is disturbingly comfortable with the fact that women sometimes leave a sexual encounter in tears.

When Babe.net published a pseudonymous woman’s account of a difficult encounter with Aziz Ansari that made her cry, the internet exploded with “takes” arguing that the #MeToo movement had finally gone too far.

“Grace,” the 23-year-old woman, was not an employee of Ansari’s, meaning there were no workplace dynamics.

Her repeated objections and pleas that they “slow down” were all well and good, but they did not square with the fact that she eventually gave Ansari oral sex. Finally, crucially, she was free to leave.

Why didn’t she just get out of there as soon as she felt uncomfortable? many people explicitly or implicitly asked.

It’s a rich question, and there are plenty of possible answers. But if you’re asking in good faith, if you really want to think through why someone might have acted as she did, the most important one is this: Women are enculturated to be uncomfortable most of the time. And to ignore their discomfort.

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• No, #MeToo Isn’t McCarthyism by S. Gilbert

No, #MeToo Isn’t McCarthyism by S. Gilbert

No, #MeToo Isn’t McCarthyism by S. Gilbert

Critics of the movement against sexual harassment and assault charge that it’s going too far, but their arguments take very little stock of what women are actually saying.

One of the criticisms of the #MeToo movement that’s emerged and re-emerged most tenaciously over the past few months is that women are consistently conflating major crimes with minor ones. Violent sexual assault isn’t the same thing as a swat on the behind in a crowded bar.

Targeted sexual harassment isn’t the same thing as a clumsy pass after too many vodka sodas have been consumed.

But this is a straw man argument—I have yet to find evidence of a single woman claiming that any of these things are equal.

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