• A Common Trait Among Mass Killers: Hatred Toward Women By J. Bosman, K. Taylor and T. Arango

A Common Trait Among Mass Killers: Hatred Toward Women By J. Bosman, K. Taylor and T. Arango

A Common Trait Among Mass Killers: Hatred Toward Women

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By J. Bosman, K. Taylor and T. Arango
Aug. 10, 2019

The man who shot nine people to death last weekend in Dayton, Ohio, seethed at female classmates and threatened them with violence.

The man who massacred 49 people in an Orlando nightclub in 2016 beat his wife while she was pregnant, she told authorities.

The man who killed 26 people in a church in Sutherland Springs, Tex., in 2017 had been convicted of domestic violence. His ex-wife said he once told her that he could bury her body where no one would ever find it.

The motivations of men who commit mass shootings are often muddled, complex or unknown. But one common thread that connects many of them — other than access to powerful firearms — is a history of hating women, assaulting wives, girlfriends and female family members, or sharing misogynistic views online, researchers say.

As the nation grapples with last weekend’s mass shootings and debates new red-flag laws and tighter background checks, some gun control advocates say the role of misogyny in these attacks should be considered in efforts to prevent them.

The fact that mass shootings are almost exclusively perpetrated by men is “missing from the national conversation,” said Gov. Gavin Newsom of California on Monday. “Why does it have to be, why is it men, dominantly, always?”

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• Conservative Christian Preacher Stephen Allwine Thinks Murdering His Wife Better Than Divorcing Her

Conservative Christian Preacher Stephen Allwine Thinks Murdering His Wife Better Than Divorcing Her

I watched a true-crime program about a guy named Stephen Allwine.

Stephen Allwine, and his wife, Amy, belonged to a conservative Christian church. I believe the show said they attended the Church of God.

The narrator doing the voice over on this show explained that the Allwine’s denomination strongly disapproved of divorce, so rather than divorce his wife, Stephen murdered her.

You know we have one messed up interpretation of the Bible, and some very messed up theology, when churches and some Christians make divorce out to be so bad that it looks worse than murder.

Murder becomes preferable to divorce to some. That is where some Christian attitudes and legalism leads.

This is my second post like this on this blog – I did another one just like it awhile ago about another married Christian couple, where the husband hired men to kill his wife, because he belonged to a church that felt that divorce was almost an unforgivable sin.

This Allwine guy also had affairs on his wife. Prior to killing his wife, he was on the website for married cheaters: “Ashley Madison.”

Here are some links to news reports about Allwine’s murder of his wife:

Police: Man who cheated using Ashley Madison, tried hiring hit man on dark web in bid to murder wife

January 2018

A Minnesota preacher in a failing marriage, who failed in his attempt to hire a hitman using bitcoin on the dark web, also failed to convincingly stage his wife’s murder as a suicide — a final misstep that ultimately led to his arrest, officials said.

…The couple, who met at a Christian college and were active members of their church together also adopted a son.

Stephen Allwine, a religious man who served as a church elder and deacon at a United Church of God congregation also offered marriage counseling to couples having trouble.

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• How Male Supremacy Led to Murder by S. Hendrix

The following article is about Scott Paul Beierle, who hated women, and who one day walked into a Florida yoga studio and shot several women – at least two of whom died.

How Male Supermacy Led to Murder

by Steve Hendrix, June 2019


…His name was actually Scott Paul Beierle, a 40-year-old former FSU graduate student who had driven 250 miles for a yoga class in the town where he had twice been arrested for groping female students and banned from campus.

Beierle was an avowed hater of women, a man who repeatedly grabbed women in real life and fantasized about raping and killing them in the horrific collection of lyrics, poetry and novels he began writing as a teenager.

His interactions with the opposite sex had gotten him fired from teaching jobs, booted from the Army and hauled before the principal of his high school.

He traced his fury at women — “Just beneath their blushing lashes and their innocent smiles lies the most rancid and putrid, sickening essences” — to the girls who both aroused and frustrated him in eighth grade.

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• Are Facts More Important than Feelings? Ben Shapiro, Rationality, and Gender Stereotypes

Are Facts More Important than Feelings? Ben Shapiro, Rationality, and Gender Stereotypes

Ben Shapiro is a conservative pundit who Tweets quite a bit, and he’s sometimes interviewed on cable news programs. He frequently likes telling liberals something along the lines of “facts don’t care about your feelings.”

I’m a conservative myself. Yes, I know that some liberals on some subjects can allow emotion out-weigh reason. That is true.

However, I’m not a supporter of this tendency of some people – usually conservatives and men who uphold sexist gender stereotypes – to trash talk emotions. I do not support the false dichotomy of Fact Vs. Feeling (or Logic Vs. Emotions or Rationality Vs. Emotions).

A person can be logical, factual, rational AND have emotions and show those emotions in a debate. There’s nothing mutually exclusive about it.

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• Captain Marvel Movie – More Rebuttals By Others to Sexist Essay by Morse (and Related)

Captain Marvel Movie – More Rebuttals By Others to Sexist Essay by Morse (and Related)

A few days ago, complementarian Greg Morse wrote a laughably bad essay where he was attempting to criticize the Captain Marvel movie (or women serving in the military, I’m not exactly sure what his essay’s ultimate point was).

That essay resulted in a few rebuttals, which I will include below.

I myself have done a couple of blog posts about all this on this blog, located here and here.

There is one essay I am linking to below which I may want to discuss further in a future, separate blog post.

Also, before the Captain Marvel movie even premiered, sexist fan boys all over the internet were complaining online that the movie is supposedly biased against whites, or is misandrist, that actress Brie Larson (who portrays the Captain Marvel character) is a man-hating harpie.

I am not a liberal, feminist, SJW, but even I could tell that a lot of sexists and conservatives were grossly mis-characterizing Larson’s comments pre-release to make her sound like an anti-white person, or a misandrist.

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• Tucker Carlson Is Not A Victim, and Yes, His Recently Unearthed Comments About Women Were Insulting and Sexist

Tucker Carlson Is Not A Victim, and Yes, His Recently Unearthed Comments About Women Were Insulting and Sexist

A day ago, a site published some content by Carlson, where Carlson was speaking to a radio host named Bubba The Love Sponge.

Among those comments by Carlson were some sexist, creepy, obnoxious opinions about women, girls, rape, and child sexual abuse (you can read in detail about this below).

Today, more controversial comments made by Carlson years ago were released, comments pertaining to other topics, which I won’t cover here.

Today, some conservatives are actually attempting to defend Carlson.

I’m a conservative myself, but there is no way I am going to try to defend the indefensible.

Carlson’s comments and attitudes about women and girls are in fact disgusting.

One of my biggest problems with other conservatives and with Republicans (I am a former Republican myself) is that they will swear up and down that they are not sexist against women (as Democrats often claim them to be), but then, they will in fact support the most sexist ideas and opinions, and they will spout off the most sexist things.

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• Confessions of a Misogynist by Dustin Dandkiller

Confessions of a Misogynist by Dustin Dandliker

(Word Press has unfortunately changed the behind- the- scenes layout mechanisms to something terribly annoying. So pardon if this and future blog posts appear weird or messed up. I don’t think the new “Block” format permits me to add a “more” tag, either)


Confessions of a Misogynist by Dustin Dandliker

COMMENTARY | I wasn’t born hating women. No one is. I developed a sense of entitlement after years of privilege.

by Dustin Dandliker, 2018 – Snippets:

….I wasn’t born hating women. No one is. I developed a sense of entitlement and looked down on females after years of privilege. Misogyny became as invisible and pervasive as the air I breathed. All of my behavior stemmed from an underlying belief that everyone would hurt me and women were supposed to serve men.

Fear of people stemmed from my violent childhood. My step-dad beat my mom, and my mom beat me. Violence at home, bullies at school and ultra-violent action “heroes” taught me the world and its people were a threat and I had better be ready to defend myself.

Consequently, I separated from the relational/emotional aspects of myself. Everything around me – comic books, movies, video games, even church – stressed logic and action to the neglect of feeling.

I was encouraged to stand up for myself in a fight and threatened with rejection if I espoused anything labeled “feminine.” So, female came to mean less than masculine. All I had left after that was cold fear hidden by sarcasm and threats.

I was also immersed in a religious culture that seated me at the head of the table and the household. I never saw a woman preach a sermon or lead a discussion about spirituality.

When I was 11, I was laughed at by a church elder when I pointed out this discrepancy. Deborah and I attended a conservative, evangelical Christian college that literally taught that women and men held “separate but equal” household roles. I believed God had ordered things for my privilege.

Today, I think and live a different way. I have been non-violent for 15 years. ….

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How Male Supremacy Led to Murder by S. Hendrix