• U.S. Immigration Authorities Approve Thousands of Visas For Child Brides

U.S. Immigration Authorities Approve Thousands of Visas For Child Brides

Well, this is disturbing and disgusting. Reports say it’s mostly girls being exploited under these American immigration loopholes.

(And many men in this nation paint themselves as being victims over a razor blade ad that asks them to stop behaving like sexist ass-hats and over an APA report that points out that certain types of behavior in men are harmful to men and to women.

Let me know, gentlemen, when you’re – your biological sex as a group are – regularly being forced to be married to men who are more than twenty years your senior, then get back to me on victimization…)


The United States government approved thousands of immigration requests by men seeking to bring brides younger than age 18 into the country over the past decade.

1000s of minors in US subjected to child marriage due to ‘loopholes’ in law – govt report

Thousands of requests to bring child brides to the US were approved by immigration services between 2007 and 2017, a new government reports shows. The “loophole” bears grave dangers for minors, especially girls, the paper warns.

Immigration officials let 8,000 child brides into the US, say laws will need to change to stop that 

Government data reveals US Immigration issued visas to thousands of child brides, spouses

Jan 12, 2019

As debate rages over US immigration policies, shocking government data reveals that thousands of child brides have been admitted into the country.

Thousands of requests by men to bring in child and adolescent brides to live in the United States were approved over the past decade, according to government data obtained by The Associated Press.

In one case, a 49-year-old man applied for admission for a 15-year-old girl. The approvals are legal: The Immigration and Nationality Act does not set minimum age requirements. And in weighing petitions for spouses or fiancees, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services goes by whether the marriage is legal in the home country and then whether the marriage would be legal in the state where the petitioner lives.

But the data raises questions about whether the immigration system may be enabling forced marriage and about how US laws may be compounding the problem despite efforts to limit child and forced marriage.

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• At the Evangelical #MeToo Summit, Christians Grappled With Just How Deep the Church’s Sexual Misconduct Problems Go by R. Graham

At the Evangelical #MeToo Summit, Christians Grappled With Just How Deep the Church’s Sexual Misconduct Problems Go by R. Graham

At the Evangelical #MeToo Summit, Christians Grappled With Just How Deep the Church’s Sexual Misconduct Problems Go by R. Graham

Dec 14, 2018


Within weeks of the ignition of the #MeToo movement last fall, activists with ties to evangelicalism began pointing out that abuse in Christian contexts often has its own awful dimensions.

Church leaders—typically men—are generally assumed to have God-given authority, for example. Scripture and theology can be used as weapons to perpetuate silence and shame.

And institutions pressure whistleblowers and victims to muffle potential scandals in the name of protecting God’s work. The activists called their movement #ChurchToo.

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• Sexual Assault Victims Who Turn on Sexual Assault Victims by K. Burmeister

Sexual Assault Victims Who Turn on Sexual Assault Victims by K. Burmeister

Sexual Assault Victims Who Turn on Sexual Assault Victims


October 2018

Most sexual assault survivors are supportive of other survivors, but sometimes a sexual assault victim comes along who isn’t supportive. Sometimes these victims are outright hostile toward survivors.

It can be hard to understand why these fellow victims would try to throw other victims under the bus. In my experience, there are a few reasons this might happen, and I believe it’s important for us to be aware of these reasons as we’re having these difficult conversations.

….They Might Actually be a Jerk

Anyone can be the victim of sexual assault. Women. Men. Straight. LGBTQ. Adults. Children. Elders.

And jerks. Jerks can be sexually assaulted too.

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• We Shouldn’t Need Multiple Accusers to Stop a Sexual Harasser By Jill Filipovic

We Shouldn’t Need Multiple Accusers to Stop a Sexual Harasser

By Jill Filipovic

September 12, 2018

It took 12 women to push one man from his perch. Leslie Moonves, the chairman and CEO of CBS, departed the company after a total of a dozen sexual-harassment and assault allegations were leveled against him — six over a month ago, then six more on Sept. 9 after weeks of discussions but little action on ousting one of TV’s titans.

This is how these cases seem to go: One person speaks out, or maybe two or three talk to a reporter.

Only after the initial accusations are made public do the floodgates open.

This cascading effect — that it’s tough to get anyone to speak out first, but appears almost inevitable that more voices will then follow — illuminates some of the remaining challenges of combatting sexual harassment across our culture.

….We now seem to expect that a harasser will have a long list of victims, whether he (or she) is famous or not.

But there are consequences to that assumption: It inevitably makes it harder for a single accuser to have her claims heard.

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• What Kind of Person Makes False Rape Accusations? by S. Newman

What Kind of Person Makes False Rape Accusations? by S. Newman

What Kind of Person Makes False Rape Accusations?


False rape accusations loom large in the cultural imagination. We don’t forget the big ones:
The widely-read 2014 Rolling Stone article, later retracted, about a brutal gang rape at the University of Virginia; the 2006 accusations against innocent members of the Duke University lacrosse team.

These cases are readily cited by defense attorneys and Republican lawmakers and anyone else who wants a reason to discuss the dangers of false allegations. What if a woman has consensual sex, and then regrets it the next day?

What if a woman gets dumped by her boyfriend and decides to accuse him of rape as revenge?

What if she’s just doing it for attention?

Are false accusations reaching epidemic levels in today’s hard-drinking hookup culture, where the lines of consent have been blurred? Critics argue that reports of rape should be treated with more caution, since men’s lives are so often ruined by women’s malicious lies.

But my research—including academic studies, journalistic accounts, and cases recorded in the US National Registry of Exonerations—suggests that every part of this narrative is wrong.

What’s more, it’s wrong in ways that help real rapists escape justice, while perversely making it more likely that we will miss the signs of false reports.

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• The Marginalization of Single Women Via The Billy Graham Rule, Fleeing the Appearance of Evil, and James Dobson

The Marginalization of Single Women Via The Billy Graham Rule, Fleeing the Appearance of Evil, and James Dobson

There is much more I could say about the Billy Graham Rule (sometimes also referred to these days as “The Mike Pence Rule”) than what I am writing about here and now, but for this post, I wanted to narrow it down a little bit.

In the context of the Bill Hybels scandal discussion, news sites and abuse survivor blogs are mentioning how mega-church preacher Bill Hybels told one of his targets that under the advice of Focus On The Family’s James Dobson, he wanted to watch some pornography movies.

So, Hybels  – who was married – asked his target, an unmarried woman staffer at his church, a Pat Baranowski, to run out and buy or rent porn, then he watched it with her while wearing nothing but a bathrobe. Baranowski also lived with Hybels and his wife in their home for approximately two years.

One of the spiritual abuse survivor blogs covering this whole ordeal is The Wartburg Watch in this post, where one of the TWW bloggers, Dee, wrote this:

James Dobson was part of the Attorney General’s Commission on Pornography in the latter half of the 1980s. Note how Hybels cleverly used something that was true to give him plausible deniability.

Mr. Hybels told Ms. Baranowski that he had been told to educate himself on the issue by James Dobson, founder of the ministry Focus on the Family, who had been appointed by President Ronald Reagan to an anti-pornography commission.

Calling it research, Mr. Hybels once instructed Ms. Baranowski to go out and rent several pornographic videos, she said, to her great embarrassment. He insisted on watching them with her, she said, while he was dressed in a bathrobe.

I am opposed to the BGR (Billy Graham Rule), for a few reasons, one of which is because it (like a lot of complementarian teachings, though side note: I don’t believe Hybels was complementarian) assumes several obnoxious things and perpetuates sexist stereotypes: it assumes that men, all men, are unable (or maybe unwilling?) to control their libidos, that all single women are sexual temptresses who have loose sexual morals and are willing to have affairs with married men.

Because of these assumptions, some Christians believe that men and women should not be alone together, especially not married men with single women.

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• The Born That Way Argument

The Born That Way Argument

A guy at Wartburg Watch made the following comment:

by David

The slippery slope of culture. Accept homosexuality, not as a lifestyle choice but you are burn [born] that way. Children as young as five years old announcing they are transgendered, years before they reach puberty, and now at of Germany (article below), the assertion that child predators are “born that way.” Can anyone see this chasm that we have crossed in the past 10 plus years??


//// end post by David ////

One of the self-avowed progressives on the thread was upset by that remark and replied:

by  Muslin, fka Dee Holmes on Wed Jul 18, 2018 at 11:15 PM said:

I object strenuously to this comment. LGBT does not equate to pedophilia. I would note that the reason child predators are punished is because children cannot consent to sexual contact. Seriously, I find this comment repulsive and it makes me very angry.

//// end post by Muslin / Dee ////

Was David conflating homosexuality with pedophilia? I’m not sure. Maybe he was. Maybe he wasn’t.

What I do know is that it’s strange for progressives or anyone else to get angry over someone mentioning that pedophiles or other groups, like homosexuals prior, use the “don’t make X illegal or say it’s immoral; I can’t help it, I was born that way!” argument.

I remember during the 1990s – and this may have started in the 1980s – homosexual rights groups began arguing that they were born homosexual, so society should back off and leave them alone and strip law books of anti-sodomy laws and so on.

That went on for a good decade or more.

Afterwards, pro-pedophilia groups – people who admit to being sexually attracted to children and who want adult-child sex legalized – began arguing that they are just “born that way.”

There are people who want incest legalized.

And yet later, Zoophiles – people who advocate for human-animal sex – also began claiming they are “born that way” and hence, they argue or reason, bestiality should be legal or carry no societal disdain.

Some zoophiles, in articles I’ve read, have expressed frustration or confusion as to why homosexual rights groups don’t want to support their bestiality.

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