• Selective Focus, Selective Outrage in Abuse Coverage – Andy Savage Vs. Clayton Jennings

Selective Focus, Selective Outrage in Abuse Coverage – Andy Savage Vs. Clayton Jennings

(Post updated below, March 2019)

Among other blogs and news sources, I am referencing these blog posts at The Wartburg Watch blog (I don’t want to link to the posts themselves, as they will create ping backs, and I don’t want to create ping backs):

Post 1. Dated Jan 5, 2018, title:

I Thought He Was Taking Me for Ice Cream: One Woman’s #MeToo Story of Molestation By Her Former Youth Pastor, Andy Savage

Post 2. Dated Jan 8, 2018, title:

More Developments As Well As the Drop the Mic Moments in the Andy Savage/Highpoint Memphis #metoo Situation

This story of Andy Savage and Jules has been covered in national papers and on national television, such as by CBS News.

The story got started on TWW and on the Watchkeep blog.

I want to make it very, very clear I am not criticizing abuse survivor blogs or secular news stations or Twitterverse for calling out pastor Andy Savage for his sexual assault of Jules.  I think it is good and right that this story receive attention.

One thing I find puzzling is that the cases of alleged abuse by evangelist to youth, Clayton Jennings, did not receive any where near the attention as did the abuse story of Jules by Andy Savage.

Andy Savage is a carbon copy of Clayton Jennings.

Jennings is KNOWN to have more than one alleged victim. (Though I believe Jenning’s father denied in one interview that there is more than one – but there is more than one, the women gave statements about their experiences with Jennings.)

(Edit: I added the word alleged in there for legal purposes – I don’t think they are “alleged” victims, I believe them to be actual victims based on the news stories I’ve seen about Jennings and their statements to blogs.)

At this point, we only know of one victim of Savage’s. Savage swears up and down in his publicly released apology that Jules was his first and only victim, but I am betting there are more – but at this point, Jules is the one and only confirmed victim we have on record.

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