• So Really, Complementarians Would Rather Little Girls Emulate Male Actors as Male Characters than Women Actors Who Are In Women’s Roles – Very Strange

That hideous post about Captain Marvel by Greg Morse of the Desiring God site got me to thinking. There may be one or two more posts coming up by me on this blog after this one, also inspired by the dreck he wrote.

(I’ve already written one post about Morse’s awful “review” of Captain Marvel.)

For many years, many protagonists in American movies where white, young men.

Certainly, when I was growing up – 1970s and beyond – that was the case.

There were one or two strong female characters in movies here and there as I was growing up, such as Princess Leia.

However, for the most part, if I, as a kid or teen, wanted to have day-dreams or fantasies about going on exciting adventures, I had to mentally insert myself in the place of the male characters in the movies or television programs I watched.

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•  Complementarians Threatened by Movies Featuring Strong or Independent Women Characters – A Response to the Editorial by Greg Morse

Complementarians Threatened by Movies Featuring Strong or Independent Women Characters – A Response to the Editorial by Greg Morse

A minor stir was caused online a few days ago, when someone at the pro-complementarian “Desiring God” site wrote an editorial critical of the latest MARVEL movie Captain Marvel, which pertains to a former Air Force pilot, Carol Danvers, who is also known as super hero Captain Marvel.

If I understand my MARVEL nerd culture correctly, Captain Marvel is supposed to be the strongest or most powerful character in the MARVEL comics universe.

(By the way, I once read on the Wikipedia page for Wonder Woman that Wonder Woman is physically stronger than Superman.)

The guys at “Almost Heretical” tweeted this at the Desiring God tweet:

If you want to get free of all this crap, we did a series walking through every verse Piper used to defend his view of women. Might change your life…
[Podcast program] 30: Jesus ended hierarchy

Here is the Desiring God page in dispute (it was written by the same doofus who incorrectly declared that being introverted is sinful):

Behold Your Queen The Real Conflict in Captain Marvel – by Greg Morse

Here is what Morse opines in his article at the Desiring God site:

So, did the movie [Captain Marvel] live up to the hype? Did it come close to being “the biggest feminist movie ever,” the Uncle Tom’s Cabin of the movement? Squint as I might, I can’t imagine how it did. The film was not the worst movie I’ve seen, but it stood galaxies away from the best. Maybe suitable for Redbox.
—end quotes–

DC studios gave the world “Wonder Woman” starring Gal Gadot in the title role about two years ago, and it was a smash at the box office.

Captain Marvel is now also a smash hit, according to news outlets.

Here are a few headlines about that:

“Captain Marvel” made history over the weekend as the biggest worldwide opening for a female-led film with $455,000,000 in ticket sales


Captain Marvel Is Now the Highest Grossing Movie With a Female Lead Ever

‘Captain Marvel’ Ends Box Office Myths About Female Superheroes

I’ve not yet seen the Captain Marvel movie and don’t know if I will go to the theater to see it or not.

Many movie reviewers have said it is not bad, but not great, either – it is middling, seems to be the movie critic consensus. I’m not interested in reviewing how good, bad, or middling the movie was. That is not the purpose of my post here.

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