• Signs You’re Sensitive (the HSP)

Signs You’re Sensitive (the HSP) Highly Sensitive Person

I was talking with a woman on a forum years ago who told me based upon some of my descriptions of myself that she believes I am an HSP. She told me to check out the website by an author who wrote a book about the topic.

Here below I am linking to an article about the topic.

I would agree that many of the things on the list are applicable to me. There are few things on the list that I think are only partially true to me or not true at all. (For example, I don’t think I am overly sensitive to caffeine, which is one of the items on the list.)

As to this item on the list: “6. You can read people really well.”

That would be true of me, but I’m not sure how much that is due to being HSP in my case, or the fact that my mother raised me to be codependent, so that my only permitted form of self-defense she gave me was avoidance.

I therefore learned to read people quickly from a very young age, so I could avoid bullies or abusers as much as I could.

I had no choice, because it was a form of self defense or self preservation, since Mom never allowed me to defend myself if someone got mean, rude, or abusive towards me. That “reading people quickly” was a necessary survival skill.

I think some of the qualities on this list goes hand- in- hand with my introverted nature, though the article below says that HSP and introversion are not one in the same.

I am not going to copy the entire page, so if you’d like to see the list in full, please click the link below:

Nine Signs You’re More Sensitive

People are different and react to things differently, internally and externally. Though some people never seem to be bothered or negatively affected by anything that happens or that people say to them, others have a much more difficult time doing that.

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