• Jim Bakker: Washington Train Derailment Was A Warning From God

There’s nothing like blaming God for the failures, stupidity, or irresponsibility of human beings.

The following comes from a left wing site. Though I am a right winger, I follow or visit liberal sites.

I am a tad more sympathetic towards the right wing side, since I am right wing, but occasionally, other conservatives say or do some very stupid things, and the liberal sites will let you know about it, while the conservative sites generally remain “mum” about this sort of lunacy:

Jim Bakker: Washington Train Derailment Was A Warning From God

I think several people died in that derailment, did they not? And here Baker is using that tragedy to advocate for his own weird views.

In the future, should I compose a post on this blog explaining a bit as to why I have been thinking of leaving the Christian faith (after having accepted Christ as my Savior when I was a kid), this Jim Bakker post is one of the things I will link to as another reason.

And no, I do not “follow” or “worship” Jim Bakker, but I’m thinking, if this is the sort of nuttiness Christianity produces, I’d like to be counted out.


By Kyle Mantyla | January 3, 2018 10:31 am

End Times prepper pastor Jim Bakker declared on his television program last week that last month’s train derailment in Washington state was some sort of warning from God.

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