• It’s Not about Paige Patterson: Sex and Gender in the SBC and Beyond by Dr. McGowan

It’s Not about Paige Patterson: Sex and Gender in the SBC and Beyond by Dr. McGowan

Part One:

It’s Not about Paige Patterson: Sex and Gender in the SBC and Beyond

Part Two:

It’s Not about Paige Patterson, Continued: Sex and Gender Beyond Evangelicalism – by Elesha Coffman

Snippets from that page (Part One):

… Still, as my friend Todd Littleton has said, it is important to recognize that this isn’t really about Paige Patterson. This isn’t even about Southern Baptist seminaries.Patterson is merely a symptom of a much larger problem.

And while Todd is right to call out the theology of glory at work in Southern Baptist churches, I would like to draw attention to something more specific: the sex and gender ideology that saturates the SBC and American evangelical culture more broadly.

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• The Pain Wrought by Complementarian Theology by Elesha Coffman

The Pain Wrought by Complementarian Theology by Elesha Coffman

Yes, complementarian theology has real-life, usually negative, consequences upon the lives of girls and women, but do complementarians care? Nope.

Defending their particular interpretation of the Bible – which entails complementarianism – takes precedence over the welfare of actual people.

The Pain Wrought by Complementarian Theology


First off, let me say that I agree with everything Emily Hunter McGowin wrote about the gas-lighting of evangelical women long before, and far beyond, what has recently been exposed about Paige Patterson and the Southern Baptist Convention.

I heard all of the same messages she did as I grew up in evangelical churches, conditioning me to believe that it was my constant responsibility to manage men’s sexual temptation while deferring to their authority.

The specific contours of evangelical gender ideology, especially as defined by the Religious Right from the 1970s onward, place crushing burdens on women. I ultimately had to leave evangelicalism in order not to lose my faith and my sanity.

But it’s not just evangelicalism.

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• Complementarians Define Their Position By What They’re Against, Not So Much by What They Are For – and The Rotten Fruit of Complementarianism

Complementarianism is not only codependency dressed up in Bible verses, but, as I was just pointing out on another blog, complementarians seem to focus more on what girls and women cannot and should not be doing, as opposed to building up the female sex and telling us positive things.

As I put it at the other site:

At the Southern Baptist “Biblical Womanhood” site, under the “Resources” page
are these links:

-Anchored Against the Tide Female Pastors in the SBC by Katie McCoy

-Paula the Elder: A Glimpse into the Life of a Woman Educator and Scholar in order to Rescue History from Feminist Revisionism by Candi Finch

-Should Women Serve as Pastors? by Dorothy Kelley Patterson

You can see what their concerns are.

Are they about building up girls and women?

Or offering teaching on how girls and women can follow Jesus?

Nope. It’s all about telling girls and women about what they cannot and should not be doing. Telling them to stay in their box, don’t preach, and stay away from that horrible feminism.

Their choice of resources, I think, reveals their true interests and motives concerning women.

Complementarians want to depict their horrid gender theology as being beneficial to girls, women, and culture, but it is not.

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