• Examples of Girls and Women Being Assertive at Work, in Life, Women as Rescuers and Heroines

Examples of Girls and Women Being Assertive at Work, in Life, Women as Rescuers and Heroines

Complementarians such as John Piper do not feel that women should work as police officers. Some complementarians do not believe women should work in combat positions in the military.

So bizarre and unbiblical has contemporary complementarianism become in the last few years (they have a never-ending list of mishnah-like rules they believe women should follow), that even other complementarians started to sit up and take notice, such as in this post: An Accidental Feminist.

The occasional complementarian troll shows up at spiritual abuse blogs to insist all women are weaker or more inept than men and should therefore not be in positions of control, combat, or assertiveness.

These complementarians feel they are basing their beliefs on the Bible, but the Bible does not limit women in the fashion they do, or insist that all women every where for all time, are delicate flowers who cannot be rugged, tough, or assertive.

Deborah and Jael in the Old Testament were warriors – Deborah was a judge who also led Israel’s military, and Jael killed an enemy combatant.

For more on that, please see these off-site posts:

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None of this is to say that men and women are completely identical or to deny that some biological differences do exist between the sexes. Most men have more upper body strength than most women, for example, but it does not follow from this that it is appropriate, fair, or right to prohibit women from working in certain capacities in secular careers or in the church.

As I told one complementarian troll, the world has moved on, no matter how much complementarians wish it were not so – women are permitted by secular society in nations such as the United States to serve in combat positions in the military or to work as police officers, regardless of what he or John Piper or other complementarians think.

I have never understood the complementarian push back regarding women serving in the military: “But are you really prepared to see caskets come back with American flags on them, knowing there is dead female military personnel inside?”

This question implies several sexist and disturbing things, one of them being, that somehow a female life is more valuable than that of a male, so I object to it on that ground, among others. I would not be more alarmed or more weepy seeing a flag-draped coffin knowing there is a female body inside vs. knowing there is a male body inside.

If a woman is qualified and interested in serving in some role (police, military, whatever it may be), she should be permitted to do so and encouraged by friends, family, community, and church to do so. There is no “biblical” reason which states or even implies that women should not work in “assertive” type roles, such as military or police.

What I see from complementarians on this point – their objection to women serving in combat – usually derives from cultural conditioning, their personal convictions, and is, I suspect, due to sheer sentimentality – not due to what the Bible actually says.

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ON YOU TUBE (watch videos of or about some of the women mentioned in this post)


Meet Tina Guerrero, NYPD’s only female counter-sniper (video uploaded 2018) 

Profiles in Service: Meet the NYPD’s only female counter-sniper


From 100 yards away, Detective Tina Guerrero fires her Remington 700 M24 rifle, consistently hitting her target. How good a shot is she? “I would say I’m pretty good,” she replied.

“I’ve heard you say that ESU is like a big boys’ playground and you wanted to play in it?” asked O’Donnell.

“Yeah. The challenge of just being able to go out there and do all the things that all these guys were doing was something that I wanted to do. I did feel that I had to prove myself, as other women do – and other men do, too,” she said.

The men and women of the Emergency Service Unit endure rigorous training to respond to everything from search-and-rescues to hazmat situations and terrorist attacks.

…Well enough to trade in her undercover work in the vice squad for scuba gear and a 50-pound vest.

As a member of ESU, Detective Guerrero has to prepare for any scenario, including suicidal jumpers.

“CBS This Morning” joined the team on a training exercise, climbing nearly 280 feet to the top of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Detective Guerrero’s husband is also in ESU, though the duo rarely work together.

The mother of three works overnights to spend more time with their children, though she misses a lot of their activities.

“And you put your life on the line, all the time,” said O’Donnell. “Why? Why do you do it?”

“I do it because I just love being out there,” Guerrero said, “I try not to think about, you know, the dangers of it. There’s not a night goes by that the guys I work with, I know that they’re looking out for me, as I do the same for them.”

Guerrero reflected on her journey to the NYPD’s version of SEAL Team Six, where she admits there were some men in the unit who said, “I don’t think this woman can do it.”

“Yeah. I believe when I first came into the unit, that I proved a few people wrong!” she laughed. “I definitely believe that. They’re retired now, though.”

O’Donnell asked, “And how did you disprove the doubters? Because this is a really rigorous job.”

“How did I disprove them? I’m still here. I’m still doing it.”

Young policewoman lauded as a hero in China after fighting off violent robber wielding 2ft machete with her BARE HANDS in five-minute struggle – 2015

  • 22-year-old Cao Yu was on patrol when she confronted the man
  • Robber wounded her five times as she awaited reinforcements
  • Colleagues say they found her ‘bleeding all over’ when they arrived
  • The policewoman has been praised on Chinese social media for her incredible bravery

Watch the moment a 6ft female Chinese SWAT team officer known as ‘The Crane’ takes down a much smaller man wielding a knife – July 2016

  • Female Chinese SWAT member tackled a man to the ground in one motion
  • The man was recorded standing in the middle of a road holding a knife
  • The woman approached him from behind and gabbed his right arm
  • She forces him to drop the knife before flipping him onto his stomach

June 14, 2017:

One of the cops in this story is a WOMAN:

The Hero Cops Who Prevented a Congressional ‘Massacre’

Officer Griner’s college classmate: “She was a woman to be reckoned with… an amazing athlete & a lively presence”

A mass shooting during a congressional baseball practice early Wednesday morning could have been a full-blown “massacre,” Congress members say. Instead, two special agents put their lives on the line, potentially saving dozens of others.

Capitol Police officers Crystal Griner and David Bailey are special agents on Rep. Steve Scalise’s security detail. Scalise was standing near second base in an Arlington, Virginia park when the bullets began flying from behind the third base dugout, striking Scalise.

While Scalise dragged himself to safety, Griner and Bailey lept into action. In an extended firefight, the two agents took down shooter James Hodgkinson while battling through injuries of their own. Both were taken to the hospital after the gunfight, and are recovering from their injuries, officials say.

It was exactly the kind of bravery the agents’ colleagues, friends, and family have come to expect from the pair.

…But one of Griner’s former classmates at Hood College described the agent as a major force on campus.

“She was a woman to be reckoned with at Hood: an amazing athlete and a lively presence,” the classmate wrote on Facebook. “It does not surprise me at all that she would think so quickly and act so courageously. You’re not on Facebook, Crystal, but I’m honored to know you. Wishing you a speedy recovery and the knowledge that you have the gratitude of the nation behind you!”

Carpenter, Bailey’s friend, described Griner as “one of the sweetest people I have ever met… wonderful and also professional on all levels.” Officials described the agents’ injuries as non life-threatening.


The Amazons of Dahomey: They were the world’s only all-female army. Their descendants are fighting to recapture their humanity. by Danielle Paquette

Viking Warrior Discovered in Sweden Was a Woman, Researchers Confirm

Female Israeli Solider Uses Martial Arts to Fight Off Crowd 

D-Day’s Forgotten Woman by Cal Thomas

The Woman Who Smashed Codes: America’s Secret Weapon in World War Two a book by Jason Fagone

For the First Time A Woman is Set To Become A Marine Corps Infantry Officer


Onna-bugeisha (女武芸者, “female martial artist”) was a type of female warrior belonging to the Japanese nobility. Many women engaged in battle, commonly alongside samurai men.

They were members of the bushi (samurai) class in feudal Japan and were trained in the use of weapons to protect their household, family, and honour in times of war.

Significant icons such as Tomoe Gozen, Nakano Takeko, and Hōjō Masako are famous examples of onna-bugeisha.

A Rare Vintage Photograph of a Japanese Female Warrior 

Women in the Israel Defense Forces

Women in the Israeli Defense Forces are female soldiers who serve in the Israel Defense Forces. Israel is one of only a few countries in the world with a mandatory military service requirement for women.

According to the IDF, 535 female Israeli soldiers had been killed in combat operations between the period 1962-2016 (this figure does not include the dozens of female soldiers killed in Israeli service prior to 1962).

Women have taken part in Israel’s military before and since the founding of the state in 1948, with women comprising over 20% of Israeli forces in 1948, and 33% of all IDF soldiers and 51% of its officers, in 2011, fulfilling various roles within the Ground, Navy and Air Forces.

The 2000 Equality amendment to the Military Service law states that “The right of women to serve in any role in the IDF is equal to the right of men.” As of now, 88% to 92% of all roles in the IDF are open to female candidates, while women can be found in 69% of all positions.

…Clause 16A of the military service law requires that female combat soldiers serve 2 years and 4 months of mandatory service, and continue in reserves service up to age 38. Each year, 1,500 female combat soldiers are drafted into the IDF.  Women currently make up 3% of the IDF’s combat soldiers.

Breaking military’s ultimate glass ceiling? Women start Ranger training. – Apr 2015

 The first women ever to enter the Army’s elite Ranger School are finding more than dirt, sweat, and a historic opportunity. They’re finding acceptance.

Air Force Gen. Lori Robinson becomes first woman ever to lead U.S. combatant command – May 2016

Navy Promotes Its First Female 4-Star Admiral [Michelle Howard] – July 2014

After 238 years, the U.S. Navy has its first female four-star admiral. Michelle Howard attained that rank Tuesday, in a ceremony presided over by Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus at the Women in Military Service for America Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery.

Meet the Army’s first female infantry officer [Kristen Griest] – April 2016

This is the story of Heather ‘Lucky’ Penney [American fighter pilot], who was asked to do the unthinkable on 9/11

F-16 pilot was ready to give Her life on Sept. 11

Female Fighter Pilot Faced an Impossible Choice on 9/11

Lt. Penney, 26, went by the call sign “Lucky,” piloted an F-16 and was among the first generation of female U.S. combat pilots when she got the call on Sept. 11, 2001: Stop United Airlines Flight 93, the fourth highjacked jet, which was headed to Washington.

She knew it would likely be a suicide mission.

When Penney took off, she didn’t have missiles or munitions to stop the aircraft.

“We wouldn’t be shooting it down,” she told The Washington Post in 2011, on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. “We’d be ramming the aircraft. I would essentially be a kamikaze pilot.”

Heather ‘Lucky’ Penney Recalls Mission To Stop Flight 93 On September 11, 2001 (VIDEO) 

Fighter pilot Heather “Lucky” Penney didn’t have time to be scared. There was a hijacked commercial airliner headed to Washington, D.C., and she was ordered to stop it.

“I was prepared to die for my country,” she said. “It’s something everyone else would have done if they were in my shoes. I didn’t have time to feel fear. We had a mission, and there was a sense of urgency.”

On Sept. 11, 2001, Penney and her commanding officer were ordered to stop United Airlines Flight 93 from hitting a target in the nation’s capital. But they didn’t have any missiles or even ammunition. So Col. Marc Sasseville decided they would use their own planes to bring it down.

He planned to strike the plane’s cockpit. She opted to go for its tail, Penney said.

She didn’t know it at the time, but the plane had already crashed in a field in Pennsylvania.

…Penney, 37, of Annapolis, Md., was among a first generation of women to take advantage when the military opened up combat flight training to them. A single mother, she quit as a fighter pilot in 2009 to devote more time to her two young daughters after serving two tours in Iraq.

UAE’s first female A380 pilot aims to fly high

U.A.E.’s first female fighter pilot dropped bombs on the Islamic State – Sept 2014

Maj. Mariam al-Mansouri, the first female fighter pilot in the history of the United Arab Emirates, led the the Gulf state’s bombing raids over Syria this week.

UAE’s first female fighter pilot led airstrike against ISIS – Oct 2014

Maj. Mariam Al Mansouri may be ISIS’ worst nightmare.

The first female fighter pilot in the United Arab Emirates, she led a strike mission this week against the terror group, that country’s ambassador to the United States said Thursday.

“She is (a) fully qualified, highly trained, combat ready pilot, and she led the mission,” Yousef Al Otaiba told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

The UAE has joined the United States and a handful of other Arab nations in conducting airstrikes against ISIS in Syria.

EXCLUSIVE – ‘ISIS want to kill me, capture me and turn me into a sex slave’: Danish student branded a terrorist after training as ‘Lady Death’ sniper to fight jihadis in Syria reveals she has lost everything

‘ISIS WANT TO KILL ME’ – Danish woman branded a ‘terrorist’ by her own country after becoming a sniper to fight ISIS reveals jihadis want to make her a sex slave  – Feb 2017

A DANISH student who travelled to fight ISIS has told of being labelled a terrorist and living with the threat of assassination or kidnap by jihadi thugs.

Sniper Joanna Palani, 23, fought alongside Kurdish peshmerga troops in Iraq and the anti-ISIS YPG militia in Syria after dropping out of college.

How Claudia Kalugina Became One Of The Deadliest Female Snipers In History

There are just nine qualified female snipers in the U.S. military today. They can all look up to a Russian girl who began working at a munitions factory when she was 15, to bring a pound-and-a-half of bread home to help feed her family.

Klaudia Kalugina remains one of the deadliest snipers ever.

1942 – 1945 Soviet women snipers

Over 2000 women were trained as sharpshooters and deployed to some of the most dangerous battlegrounds, far from their companies and required to lie still for hours to avoid detection and await the perfect shot.

Stories of their lethal nature and sacrifice abound — former kindergarten teacher Tanya Baramzina notched 16 kills on the Belorussian Front before parachuting behind enemy lines, where she killed another 20 before being captured and executed.

Women With Guns: The Red Army Female Snipers of World War II

Meet the world’s deadliest female sniper who terrorized Hitler’s Nazi army

In early 1941, Lyudmila Pavlichenko was studying history at Kiev University, but within a year, she had become one of the best snipers of all time, credited with 309 confirmed kills, 36 of which were German snipers.

Pavlichenko was born in 1916 in a small town in Ukraine.


The Navy returned to flight status yesterday the female fighter pilot it grounded two years ago in the midst of a smear campaign by civilian activists and naval aviators opposed to allowing women to fly fighter aircraft.

Lt. Carey Lorenz, whose allegations of sex discrimination are the subject of an upcoming Navy inspector general report, has been given back her right to fly land-based Navy aircraft. However, she will not be allowed to return to the cockpit of the F-14 Tomcat or any other carrier-based plane.

The decision was greeted as a victory by Lorenz, and defense sources said the Navy is trying to make amends to her for having been subjected to discriminatory treatment by superiors and colleagues in Carrier Air Wing 11 at Miramar Naval Air Station in California.

She has the right stuff: Female combat pilots have been flashing their skills for 20 years 2013

Retired Air Force Col. Martha McSally, who logged more than 300 combat flying hours, today is recalling how she took part in the Pentagon’s last gender revolution, as the U.S. military prepares to open a new frontier for women — direct ground combat.

The winter of 1993: Col. McSally and fewer than a dozen other young female officers got calls from the Air Force telling them a 45-year ban on women flying fighter jets and bombers was ending. They had been picked to be pioneers if they wanted to try to show they had the right stuff.

“Am I interested?” she recalls saying. “I’m flying T-37s [trainers] in Del Rio, Texas. What do you think? Of course I’m interested.”

The Marines Are Looking For A Few Good (Combat-Ready) Women – 2014

Military Needs Women: Navy’s 1st Female Fighter Jet Pilot – Feb 2015

Air Force’s newest fighter gets first female pilot – May 2015

The F-35 is the Air Force’s newest fighter plane, and the service says it needs some of its most experienced aviators in the cockpit of the jet.

One of them is Lt. Col. Christine Mau, who flew combat missions in the F-15 Strike Eagle in Afghanistan. In May, she became the first woman to fly the Lightning II jet.

Despite her experience in Afghanistan, Mau, the deputy commander of the 33rd Fighter Wing Operations Group at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida, said completing her first flight in the F-35 was a special moment.

St. Mary’s grad, a rare female jet fighter pilot, part of Navy football flyover – Oct 2015

The sole female in the flyover quad is Lt. Mary Ruttum, an Annapolis native and one of The Capital’s 2006 Teens of the Week.

U.S. military opens combat positions to women – Dec 2015

The Combat Jobs Women Can Now Fight For – Dec 2015

The Pentagon announced Thursday it would open all combat jobs to women by the start of next year.

Defense Department ends limits on women in combat – Dec 2015

‘Lock and load, ladies’: Navy SEAL who shot Bin Laden says women can serve in special ops – Feb 2016

First Female Navy SEALs Could Get Assignments in 2017, Plans Show – March 2016

The first female enlisted Navy SEALs could be assigned to units next fall, and the first female SEAL officers could be in place by 2018, a newly approved Navy implementation plan shows.

The 50-page plan was made public on Thursday after the Pentagon announced that all services’ plans to open previously closed combat and special ops positions to women had been approved. The announcement means the services can now begin training, recruiting and assignment to place female troops in previously closed jobs.

The First Infantry Women of the U.S. Marines – May 2016

The Corps has approved two women for roles previously open only to men.

Air Force’s first female fighter pilot talks training, F-35, future wars – July 2016

Airmen at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, and the Las Vegas community have labeled Brig. Gen. Jeannie Leavitt a “local celebrity” as the Air Force’s first female fighter pilot and the first woman to take control of the 57th Wing this year.

Isis in Iraq: The female fighters that strike fear into jihadis – because they’ll rob them of paradise – April 2016

The all-women or ‘jin’ unit based in Kananshor village near Sinjar mountain is home to a rotating group of female fighters, who are particularly feared by Isis fighters, who believe that if they are killed by a woman they will not get to heaven

Meet The All-Female Combat Unit Taking Revenge On ISIS In Iraq – 2016

“I saw them raping my Kurdish sisters and I couldn’t accept this injustice,” their commander says.

…It [The killing and enslaving of thousands from Iraq’s minority Yazidi community] also prompted the formation of this unusual 30-woman unit made up of Yazidis as well as Kurds from Iraq and neighboring Syria. For them, only one thing matters: revenge for the women raped, beaten and executed by the jihadist militants.

Female Kurd soldiers fighting ISIS explain why they wear lipstick and make-up on battlefield 

‘We are not meant to sit at home’ — Meet the female Peshmerga fighters battling ISIS – 2017

Women at War: Meet the Female Peshmerga Fighters Taking on ISIS

The fighters that ISIS fears the most wear lipstick, according to these troops. Some even let their long, braided hair fall out behind their hats.

They are the female members of the Zeravani unit, a branch of the Kurdish peshmerga.

The typically female attributes shouldn’t detract from the fact that these women are prepared to defend their land from any invader, including ISIS.

Meet The Peshmerga Women Fighting ISIS – May 2016

Lt. Colonel Nahida Ahmad Rashid is a top-ranking female commander in thepeshmerga, the army of the semi-autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan.

Peshmerga (meaning “those who face death”) are proving to be the most effective force in the Middle East fighting the Islamic State militant group (ISIS).

These peshmerga women of the past and the present are not amazons or super humans, as has been portrayed occasionally by the media. Such a sensationalized image belies the fact that, yes, such women are extraordinary in their courage, determination and self-sacrifice for others, yet they are ordinary women: wives, mothers, and daughters.

…She continued to talk about gender equality. “Today the training is the same for both men and women. We are being trained by the British Army. The training is hard.”

She told me that one of her soldiers had recently broken her wrists while training.

“We train like men, we fight like men and we are prepared to die like men,” she said with conviction. …

I remind Rashid that ISIS sees female peshmerga as a specific threat and danger. They believe, if they are killed by a woman, they will be denied the rewards of paradise.

“Yes, we realize the dangers. Daesh are especially cruel to women. We believe it would be better to kill ourselves than be captured by them,” she replied.

Tammie Jo Shults, a Former Navy Fighter Pilot, Safely Brought the Plane to Land After the Explosion at 32,000 Ft


Female kickboxer knocks out sex attacker who pounces as she walks home – May 2015

Judge says Mark Willis ‘bit off more than he could chew’ when he targeted young woman as she walked home through Cheltenham

…He repeatedly punched his victim before pushing her over a wall into a front garden and then jumping on top of her, Gloucester Crown Court was told.

But the woman, who has been kickboxing for two years and has also taken a self-defence course, turned the tables on Willis in the attack at 2 am on August 31.

She told the court how she first tried to break his arm with a hold she had been taught – and then got him in a scissor-grip with her legs, throttling him so forcibly that he passed out.

Woman uses karate skills to save herself from violent attacker – May 2015

Taela Davis was attacked from behind near her home, in broad daylight

She said attacker punched her, pinned her down and tried to lift her shirt

Ms Davis used her 15 years of karate training to knee him in the groin and ribs and head-butt him

She encourages women everywhere to learn self defence skills

Thug assaults woman, but gets more than he bargained for when she turns out to be karate expert – May 2015

A FORMER karate champ has used her martial arts skills to fight off an attacker.

Taela Davis, 25, was walking near her Skye home in Melbourne’s southeast on Saturday, May 9, when she was grabbed from behind by a man.

Two Women Lead Their Stalker Directly to Police Station

Teen girl uses ‘crazy strength’ to lift burning car off dad – Dec 2016

It sounds like a scene straight out of a movie. A young woman lifts a truck to rescue  her father, then saves the rest of her family from a raging fire.

But that scenario is all too real for 19-year-old Charlotte Heffelmire, whose heroic actions saved her family from an unthinkable tragedy.

Virginia woman, 19, lifts burning truck to save her father’s life – Jan 2016

8-year-old Hutto girl saves toddler from drowning

“I just turned around and she [a drowning three-year-old girl] was like … trying, struggling to come up,” Cayleigh [Hunt] says. She immediately jumped into action.

“I lifted her up from underneath so she could breathe and then I grabbed on to her and I pushed her over to the steps where she could stand so she could start breathing again,” she explains. It all happened in an instant.

14-year-old girl saves boy from drowning in Cork’s river Lee – Ireland; May 2017

14-year-old Clodagh Hayes has been hailed a hero after saving a boy from drowning in Cork’s river Lee.

Wisconsin girl saves 4-year-old neighbor from attempted abduction – May 2017

12-year-old girl outsmarts carjacker and saves little sister – Apr 2017

Williamsburg police say Salsman walked up to the van, stuck his hand inside the car, unlocked the door and climbed in. Maddie’s protective instincts then shifted into gear.

“I just went for it,” the 12-year-old said. “Nothing passed my mind except, ‘He is a psycho and he needs to get out of the car’.”

Maddie started punching Salsman and screaming for help, in addition to putting the transmission in drive because she knew he would not be able to start the engine and drive away.

“Once I saw Mollie out [of the car], I yelled for Maddie to get out,” Brandie Weiler said. “She was too busy beating the guy to realize that her sister was out.”

Maddie’s father, Steven, said his daughter’s quick thinking helped her escape a potential Amber Alert. “She has always been told if anyone tries to take you – kick, scream, bite, hit, gouge out their eyes, whatever you have to do.”

“I thought he was going to take us,” Mollie said, but she was safe soon after her older sister took matters into her own hands.

Maddie, being an avid horseback rider, told her mother afterward, “Mama, if I can control a 1,500-pound animal, then I was sure going to try to take care of him.”

Pistol-packing grandma turns tables on armed intruder – Jan 2017

Okla. Woman Shoots, Kills Intruder: 911 Operators Say It’s OK to Shoot – Jan 2012


Lynbrook Girl Is Beating Boys On The Wrestling Mat

Mongolian teenage girl grapples for a future in sumo

July 2017

Mongolian wrestlers have dominated the Japanese sumo scene for years and Bum-Erdene Tuvshinjargal is keen to follow in their footsteps. As a girl, that means challenging centuries of tradition, but as she explained to journalist Erin Craig, that’s another fight she’s ready to take on.

SEE IT: Female soccer player disguised as bearded man outplays male opponents

 Woman disguises herself as a man and outplays all-male football team  

Nov 2015

A professional Spanish female footballer left her opponents speechless when she went undercover as male football player in a non-league game in Madrid.

The video above was part of a social experiment for Spanish TV show El Hormiguero, aiming to ‘destroy some of the myths’ around women’s football.

Brenda Perez, the 21 year-old footballer, agreed to a seven-hour make-up session that included a latex mask, fake beard and a wig. She even had to wear gloves to cover her fingernails for the game.

 Only the referee and her manager knew her real identity.

Players instantly noticed her talent and were amazed with her nutmegs, passing and shots. The opposing manager even commented, “he touches the ball well, doesn’t he?”

Players were visibly shocked to learn that the ‘new’ player was a woman.


John Piper, Women in Combat, and How Gender Roles Fall Short of the Glory of Humankind – Jenny Rae Armstrong

Should Women Be Drafted Into Combat? – Jory Micah

The Biblical Basis For Women In Combat – Tim’s Blog

‘Flawed’ study casts doubts on mixed-gender units in US marine corps – 2015

Critics say decision to release only a four-page summary, which focused on negative aspects of women as marines was ‘hugely problematic’

Critics say decision to release only a four-page summary, which focused on negative aspects of women as marines was ‘hugely problematic’

Are young men just too hormonal for the battlefield?


 Day In The Life: What It’s Like To Be A Female Pilot At 40,000 Feet by Katherine Love


FEMALE SWAT TEAM IN CHINA – The Worlds First All Female Swat Team

India Gets First All-Women SWAT Team (video NOT in English language)

Female soccer player disguised as man stuns male soccer teams (Link)

Female Chinese SWAT team officer disarming knife-wielding man goes viral

First female fighter pilot in UAE

US Female Sniper. ( American Female Sniper)

American Female sniper Staff Sgt. Elizabeth Gonzalez trains Air Force snipers In Ft Bliss El Paso, Texas, stands a course for Air Force Security Forces

Women in Combat – Natural Born Killers – Battle Ready – GQ Magazine

 Christian Women Snipers of Sotoro Qamishli Syria Field Report (video link)

See Also: 

Capt. Mariner (Ret.), First U.S. Woman, Navy Jet Pilot, To Be Honored by All-Female Flyover at Her Funeral

The Daughters of Kobani (Book) – Women Warriors Who Defeated ISIS

Century-old Japanese martial arts book reveals the moves women can use to fight off male attackers

D-Day’s Forgotten Woman by Cal Thomas

Blind Teenage Girl in Mumbai Fights off Molester Using Self-Defense Moves She Learned at School, Police Say by R. Joglekar and G. Davies

Viking Warrior Discovered in Sweden Was a Woman, Researchers Confirm

Feminist Account’s Glowing Tribute to Lesbian ‘World-Class Athlete’ Violette Morris left Out Some Pretty Important Details by Sarah D.

The Woman Who Smashed Codes: America’s Secret Weapon in World War Two a book by Jason Fagone

 Twitter Trend: Historic Bitches Badder Than Taylor Swift – Complementarians Really Seem To Hate These Sorts of Lists

Tammie Jo Shults, a Former Navy Fighter Pilot, Safely Brought the Plane to Land After the Explosion at 32,000 Ft

There Is No Biological Difference Between Male and Female Brains

‘Mercury 13’ Review: Grounded Aspirations – Even Though Some of the Women Applicants Out-Performed the Men Candidates, NASA Did Not Use Them

 What Happens When Children Are Asked to Draw a Surgeon, Firefighter, and a Fighter-Pilot – Re: Gender Stereotyping in Occupations

Stereotype Threat, Girls, Women, Text Anxiety, and Choosing Careers

When Being Nice Backfires by N. Lipkin

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      I don’t think culture is “pushing women to be warriors” so much as just allowing women to excel and participate in areas that formerly were forbidden to them, which is not a bad thing.

      The guy who runs that “Whiners” blog has posted here before, on my “Miss Daisy” blog. He’s a sexist douche canoe who has a stick up his ass in regards to Deb and Dee at TWW blog, and he’s against any one who is against complementarianism.

      Not sure if the Whiner Blog guy meant me or another poster there at TWW named Velour. Velour was the one who posted at TWW about Soviet sharp shooters there, not me.

      He said on his blog:

      One of the feminist at T.W.W. is exceedingly anxious to suggest women can do war like men.

      If this in regards to me, I am not a “feminist.”

      That is not a label I use to describe myself or my views, as I am a right-winger who disagrees with many views of left wing secular feminists.

      I don’t know if Velour would use the word “feminist” to describe herself or not.

      The Whiner guy said:

      She drags Old Testament Debra out as an exhibit. But just a side note; if you have to go back 2 millenia to find a woman warrior, you’ve got problems.

      There’s also Jael, but I digress.

      (That is, using the Bible only as a resource – my post above has many links to stories about present-day women warriors, who now serve in combat positions in the American military.

      One does not have to go back 2,000+ years to find examples of women warriors, if one goes outside the Bible.

      By the way, the Old Testament is far older than 2,000+ years. I would assume the portion that mentions Deborah, the book of Judges, is probably, what around 5,000 or so years old?)

      Deborah is an example of a “biblical” warrior. Deborah throws a wrench into the complementarian rhetoric that God does not want women to step outside passive roles to fight and be assertive. That’s the real reason Warty Whiner does not like myself or anyone else using her as an example.

      The fact is women are doing things today that some complementarians insist women should not do (such as serving as police officers or in combat positions), whether sexist douche bags such as “Wartburg Whiner” likes it or not.

      Complementarianism is totally irrelevant to me and most other women today. Complementarians are obsessed with women being wives and mothers – I’ve never married or had a kid myself, so 99% of complementarian material is non-applicable to me, and it’s un-biblical, as it promotes codependency for women, as I’ve written about here:

      Even Warm and Fuzzy, True, Correctly-Implemented Gender Complementarianism is Harmful to Women, and It’s Still Sexism – Yes All Comps (Refuting “Not All Comps”)

      Christian Gender Complementarianism is Christian-Endorsed Codependency for Women (And That’s Not A Good Thing)

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